Gifts to get yourself for the holidays


This time of year gets very busy for most people as everyone is trying to juggle multiple things such as work, family and holiday stress. We are so busy thinking about the other person that we often neglect ourselves while doing so.

Between all the things that we have going on during the holiday season, people get very stressed and that is why we have put up a list with some nice things that we can treat ourselves to.

Here are some things you should treat yourself with.

Fuzzy socks

We know, we know, who doesnít have them? Well even if you do, get some more because it is getting colder and there are never too many pairs of socks. Why not get the extra fluffy one that costs a bit more, you deserve it. While we are at it, what describes the ultimate cosiness? Hot chocolate indeed, get that fancy expensive hot chocolate you know the one on the stick so you could drink that one the first day of christmas while wearing your nice warm fluffy socks.

Polaroid camera

What better way to capture a memory if not with a polaroid camera? Holidays are around the corner which makes it a perfect gift for yourself. Capture those pictures with your loved ones and hang the memories up the wall or on a photobook. Also there are multiple cameras out there so make sure you choose the one that suits you best, and they are often quite small enough to fit in your bag which makes it perfect as you can carry it to every occasion with you.

MasterClass subscription

Why not give yourself a MasterClass subscription, endless opportunities to learn new things at your own pace. From cooking classes to directing a movie, the possibilities are endless with MasterClass. Perhaps you could start the new year with a new years resolution of learning a new skill and this would be the best way to do it.

 Coffee machine

This is for the coffee lovers out there, treat yourself to a nice coffee machine. Imagine waking up in the morning and making a new fresh roasted batch of coffee right in the comfort of your own home. This way you will actually be saving money because you wonít be spending anymore money on drinking coffee outside if you have amazing coffee waiting for you at home.


Love listening to music, podcasts? Then it is probably time to upgrade to a better pair of headphones, you deserve it. Think of the walks or runs you could take, this will be so much more enjoyable with a nice working pair of headphones.

Online Casino.

It is not the first thing you think about when it comes to treating yourself with a gift but why not take your chance, online casino games are very popular and who knows maybe this will work out in your favor and perhaps you will win something and could  treat yourself with even a better gift.

Spa weekend

Not only can you treat yourself with a spa weekend but you could also choose a spa weekend for two and surprise one of your loved ones with you on this trip and make it special for them as well. Who doesnít like to get pampered during a cold weekend? Do some research and make sure you get everything included in that trip to make the most out of it.

Vacuum cleaner

I am sure you probably donít see vacuum cleaners as a treat yourself gift but I think most of

us know how nice it is to have a good vacuum cleaner that actually works. In the long run this will help you, the house needs to be cleaned every week and why not make it more enjoyable with a vacuum cleaner that cleans and even picks up the dust.

Subscription boxes

There are so many subscription boxes available out there, make up or food wise and many more. So why not do some research and see what is out there and find one that you like, subscribe to that one, pay for some months already and you get a little surprise every month that you will most likely forget that you have signed up for. This way it is also interesting for you as you have no clue what you will be receiving each month. And if you donít want to commit to something like that you could always buy a box for just one month to check it out and see if it is something you like and would be interested in.

Now that we gave you some ideas, go do some research and hopefully youíre able to treat yourself for the holidays and who knows, maybe we even inspired you with some present ideas to give to your friends.