Gift Ideas for Teachers Before Teacher’s Day

Every teacher is a blessing to us, they taught us the life changing things, they gave us time and they heard every silly question we used to ask. On the occasion of teacher’s day if you have a teacher who is close enough to be gifted, then here are few excellent gift ideas for teachers, just one before teacher’s day.

All the gift ideas here are a bit geeky and techno inspired but some are almost alternate to these, so I would say its a completely list of gift ideas. Check them out.

Mug Holder that is Spill Proof
A beautiful Mug Holder that is unique in a way, its working has been designed with centrifugal force in mind, so I think Physics teachers can relate to it. Best gift for Physics teachers.
mug holder spill proof
Product link : THINK GEEK

Matte Black Powder Coated Metal Mathematics Blackboard Pop Quiz Clock
If you can read this clock, you are without a doubt a geek. Each hour is marked by a simple math problem. Solve it and solve the riddle of time. Matte black powder coated metal. Requires 1 AA battery (not included). 11-1/2″ Diameter.
math clock

Product Link : Amazon

A Pencil Holder in a Sharpener
Let’s just get to the point. You want to keep your desk looking sharp, but those cups, cans and containers may as well be lead balloons. Finally, there’s a desktop organizer that draws on your sharp wit while keeping your pencils, pens and scissors in line.
pencil sharpener holder

Product Link

Alphabet iPhone Case
The case itself is made out of an impact resistant injection molded plastic that will help protect your phone from daily wear/tear as well as the accidental drop.
iphone case for teachers

Product Link : Etsy

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