Getting Started with Online Faxing

Online Faxing

Are you still stuck to that old machine in the corner of the office?  Traditional fax machines may look like outdated pieces of tech, but faxing technology is still going strong, being an important part of thousands of businesses and organizations across the Globe.

What makes faxing a relevant technology in 2020 is that it remains the most secure way to send and receive important documents.  Sure, you could use any email or instant messaging client to share a contract, but are you sure itís arriving to the right person?  Things get more complicated (not to mention serious) when dealing with patient information for example.

But what many people are realizing is that you no longer need a fax machine for the job. Today faxing can be done through your computer, all in a virtual fashion, using a digital fax line and your internet connection.

Sending Faxes Online

There are different ways to send a fax online: using your email, using a web form and using a mobile fax app.

Faxing through your email is a very simple affair, as it is extremely similar to sending a common email.  But instead of typing the message on the composing window, you upload the file you want to fax to the email.  This file is converted in a matter of seconds on the fax server of your preferred online fax service, so it can be received by any fax machine model on the market.

If you donít want to use your email, you can send and compose faxes on your online fax service account.  Just log in using your credentials and find the ďSendĒ page.  Then youíll just need to fill out a form with all the details of your fax and then click on Send.  This method gives access to additional features such as , integration with cloud services, fax broadcasting and scheduling.

Some services also give you the option of faxing through their app.  This can be very convenient to send faxes on the go.  With an app you can upload a document from your phone, or even take a picture of a document to send it as a fax. Modern apps also let you sign faxes and send them back in just a couple of taps through digital signature technology.

Receiving Faxes Online

During the sign up process with any of the services in the market, youíll be asked to enter your email.  This email address will be used to send a copy of all your faxes automatically, another copy will be stored on your online fax service account. You can receive faxes in your Gmail account easily and without having to answer incoming calls.

This takes place thanks to the magic of virtual fax numbers.  These numbers work similarly to VOIP but use instead FOIP or Fax Over IP, a type of technology that can convert analog fax signals into digital ones and vice versa.

A good service should give you the option of choosing between a local or a toll-free number at the moment of signing up with them.  The availability of them depends on the country or area you want the number from.

Whatís The Best Way to Get Started?

Right now, the price of a monthly subscription for an online fax service is very cheap.  You can expect to pay between $10 and $15 for a plan that lets you fax hundreds of pages per month.  But if you are still unsure about what company to pick, you can check if they offer a free account. 

These accounts usually stay active for 30 days or give you a limited set of features and pages. Itís a great way to try out what digital fax technology has to offer.