Getting rid of clutter is one way to cut the expense


Spring is right around the corner and for many, that means it’s time to get a head start on spring cleaning! Spring cleaning is all about a fresh start and making your house feel like a home again. This means it’s time to dust, clean windows, clean closets, and most importantly – declutter. Decluttering is probably the most important part of the spring cleaning process for several reasons.

1. Decluttering not only cleans your house but keeps it clean. When you find yourself overwhelmed with clutter, your first instinct might be to shove the unwanted items in the back of a closet. However, this is strongly discouraged. Because now, instead of your living room being cluttered, your closet is full of those unwanted items. The best approach to decluttering is deciding which items are a necessity and which are not. Getting rid of items that you no longer have a use for can rid your house of unwanted clutter and keep it clean! Shelves that have been piled with unwanted items year-round should be decluttered, dusted, and kept clean for the remainder of the year.

2. Decluttering can make you a smarter consumer. Often times, purchases are rushed because we think we need something. However, these same items that we purchase end up sitting on a shelf and never get used. Over time, this accumulates to the amount of clutter and unwanted items in your home. Decluttering the home can help you become a smarter consumer as you realize what items are a smart purchase and what items you don’t actually need.

3. Decluttering helps organize your home. When was the last time you needed something and couldn’t find it? This is probably because the item you need is lost among a pile of old books or clothes. Decluttering your home can alleviate this discouragement by ensuring that every item in your house has a place and you will know exactly where to find it.

As an added bonus, getting rid of clutter can also put some extra change in your pocket. For example, clothes that are in good condition can be resold to local consignment shops. While it is not probable you will receive the money that you paid for them, you will be putting extra change in your pocket. This same concept goes for any used textbooks that you have accumulated over the years. There are plenty of bookstores that sell textbooks at an affordable price for students.

Selling used books is the best option when wanting to get rid of books you no longer need. Any college student knows that as the price of tuition increases, so does the price of books. Companies that sell textbooks often have a variety of books that have been previously owned and are in good condition. These used books not only save college students money but also help put that money back in their pocket once they are ready to resell the book back. Companies such as Booksrun make the selling process quick, easy and at no cost to you! Shipping labels are printed for free and you are guaranteed to have your money in as little as four days. Selling your textbooks has never been easier.

Along with clothes and textbooks, having a yard sale is a great way to earn money while getting rid of clutter. Items such as Tupperware, glassware, and even old electronics can be personally sold to make some extra cash. Chances are your clutter can be used by somebody.

So as spring approaches and you get ready to embark on a spring cleaning journey, remember that decluttering can save you money and time in the future. Selling your books, clothes, and unwanted items can put money back into your pocket. If you are unsure that an item can be resold, try donating it to a local Goodwill or another nonprofit organization that helps those less fortunate in your community. Overall, decluttering is the best approach to helping out your expenses this spring. Whether you’re a graduating student who has resources no longer needed or a busy mom who hasn’t had time to clean out your closet this year, it is the perfect time to declutter your home.

Image Credits: expense from kitzcorner /Shutterstock