GetResponse: offers best features at the most reasonable price

If you are an online marketer or a business owner, chances are you are always looking for better ways of conducting your email marketing campaigns. Finding the best email marketing software is crucial here. When you are sending out your marketing communications, you want them to be precise, attractive and of course selling. Thus, choosing the right email marketing software can help you achieve these goals while converting more leads into sales.

Keeping the importance of email marketing software in mind, here we have reviewed one of the leading email marketing programs, GetResponse here. GetResponse is one of the most popular and widely used software today; however popularity does not always speaks of quality. So, here we have reviewed GetResponse on basis of Features and Price to understand whether the software is truly as good as its claims.

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At the first look, we found GetResponse to be quite feature rich. To experience and review the features first hand we enrolled for the 30 days free trail plan.

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Hereís what we found!

E-mail creator:

  • The GetResponse e-mail creator lets you create impressive mailers using pre-designed templates.
  • There are over 700 professionally designed templates that you can customise. One can use over 1000 photographs too from the gallery to make the mailers look more attractive.
  • The editing interface is completely drag and drop. One can make all necessary changes and create a grabbing mailer without any IT help.
  • The interface is neat and clean without any confusion.
  • The email created feature responsive design; this means the mailers adjust themselves according to the viewing platform be it a laptop, desktop or smart phone.
  • You can also design your unique mail templates by using HTML coding.

Our Verdict

  • We simply loved the easy to use interface. It took only 3 minutes to create our first mailer.
  • The easy to use interface makes it perfect fit for novice marketers and small business. However, seasoned developers will not be disappointed too with the HTML coding option.
  • If you are looking for a super easy email marketing platform then, GetResponse is definitely your best choice.

Landing Page Creator

  • GetResponse offers a full-fledged Landing Page creator to build your landing pages with.
  • There are over 500 templates that you can customise to create your landing page.
  • The drag and drop editing interface is simple to use.
  • Being on the same GetResponse platform, the landing page offers seamless integration with the marketing mailers.
  • The landing pages created feature responsive design, which means the pages can adjust themselves according to viewing device.
  • The Landing page can be integrated with host of third party software.
  • One can build his/her own landing page with HTML coding.

Our Verdict

  • Landing page creator is a standalone software and no other email marketing services offer it for free of charges.
  • The landing page creator is even better than the standalone landing page software.
  • We found it very easy to use and superbly effective.

Auto Responder

  • GetResponse features the advanced Auto Responder 2.0 which very few email marketing software posses.
  • This feature enables one to pre-schedule mailers according to day and time.
  • The auto responder sends out automated mailers to the customers on special dates such as birthday, anniversaries etc to foster better relations.
  • Auto responder can track the mails sent and sends out automated reminder mailers to the recipients.

Our Verdict

  • We found Auto Responder to be an amazing feature, that can actually letís you run your campaign while away from the desk.
  • This feature can be pretty helpful for small businesses where you may not have to man power to run the campaign manually.


  • The Webinar feature lets you integrate all your webinars with the marketing mailers. One can embed the webinar link in the emails to send out webinar invite.
  • The feature is pretty easy to use.

Our Verdict

  • Webinar is a pretty useful feature to grab new customers and nurture the old ones. The GetResponse Webinar is smooth running and useful.

Overall Features

After reviewing all major features minutely we think, GetResponse is truly the easiest email marketing software out there. Not only the software offers high end features that you would have to buy separately (like Landing Page creator) otherwise, all the features are integrated on the same platform and thus super easy to integrate.

No matter whether you are a new marketer or a pro developer, you would find GetResponse to meet your expectations.


Below are the GetResponse yearly plans.

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The basic plan starts from $15 a month, which we think is pretty reasonable, considering the fact that standalone features such as Landing Page creator, Webinar etc would cost you more than that individually. There are four packages to make sure that you get your preferred plan according to the size of your business.

Final Verdict

Considering the features and price together, it is undeniable that GetResponse is the best email marketing software in the market today. Not only the software offers advanced services at a very reasonable price, but presence of all the required software and features on one platform makes it easier for you to work.

So, get the 30 days free trial package from GetResponse now to check out the awesome services.