Get your Printer to Fax your Documents

Some printers possess fax capability. To apply it, you’ll need:

A landline phone lineA printer with fax capabilityA document to fax.

Check: Printer – Fax Capability

Several multifunction printers possess fax capability. Some can have it appended later. The most straightforward way to determine if a printer has fax capability is to hold a “fax” button somewhere on it. Most printers with a scanner have choices for copy/scan and “fax”.

The second method to know is if there is a telephone jack (or two) on the printer. A telephone jack indicates that the printer can attach to a phone line.

The third method to know is simply by monitoring for product information. For example, many commercial level multifunction printers possess a fax kit attached to fax capabilities to the device. Contact the local service equipment supplier to consult if a fax kit can be connected to the multifunction printer.

Sending A Fax – Practising The Document Feeder

Once the fax characteristic has been appended to the printer, choose the “fax” feature and work the printer as you would a conventional fax machine.

Place the document in the feeder, dial the receiving number where you want to send the fax, and press the send button.

The fax machine will attempt to connect to a receiving fax device. Once the contact is made, the fax will broadcast.

When the fax transmission is finished, you should get a confirmation page that lists the time, date, and number of communication sheets.

Sending A Fax – Applying A Print Driver

Several connected fax machines can “fax” by utilising the print driver.

While each printer/fax is distinctive, conveying fax is to print the document you want to fax.

In the print dialogue, select the printer driver that is listed as “fax.” Seldom the conventional print driver has a “fax” alternative.

Enter the fax number in the domains that are given, and press “send.” The printer will transfer your fax to the asked fax number.

How To Receive A Fax

Most printers can automatically obtain and print the fax. If the printer is out of paper or ink, it will hold the fax in memory and print it later. Some fax machines can get a fax and transmit a copy of it to an email. Typically this characteristic is found on corporate level tools.

A “wireless” printer furthermore needs a landline phone to fax. The “wireless” portion of the printer is how it interacts with computers in the building. Wireless printers utilise WiFi and Bluetooth to get an interface with computers and smartphones.

Sometimes people buy a “wireless” printer with fax capability expecting it to fax without a phone line as they connect the word “wireless” with cellular phones. It is a common confusion and a topic we get many questions about. But, unfortunately, we know of no way to make wireless printer fax without a landline phone line.

Requirements to Send A Fax Employing A Printer

To transfer fax without using a fax machine, apart from an existing landline phone line, you require a printer with a fax ability. Some machines come with the choice and a special fax button; others may have an opportunity to add this feature autonomously later. So if you have a printer without a noticeable fax option, all is not lost yet.

If there is no fax button, check your printer for a telephone jack (or two), which will mean that it can be connected to a phone line and used as a fax machine without any problems.

You can also check the product information. Many of the modern printers come with the possibility to have a fax kit installed additionally. To get it done, contact a producer or your local office equipment supplier.

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