Get Ration Card Agents to provide assistance in Form Filling

assistance in Form Filling

The ration card continues to be one of the most important documents for people across India. Despite the arrival of the Aadhar card, the ration card still remains a more frequently used proof of identity. With time becoming a constraint for most people nowadays, ration card agents are now making the process easier by handling all the nitty gritties themselves.

Why do you need a ration card?

From proving your identity and your residence, the ration card is also used to apply for a Voter ID card, Birth certificate and Domicile certificate. Similarly, this card places you either in the Above Poverty Line category or the Below Poverty Line Category. Households are entitled to a ration of food and other small items provided by the Government of India. The Antyodaya (AAY) ration card targets the poorest of the poor who are eligible for 35 kgs of food grain.

Based on the total number of family members, the category of the ration card coupled with the number of people in the family will determine the subsidies and ration that is provided to the household. People who earn a good salary will not be able to attain goods at a subsidised rate.

What is the application process for a ration card?

After the National Food Security Act came into the picture, ration cards were issued based on certain criteria that divided households into categories. However, the application process is quite simple if the following criteria are met.

  1. The individual should be an Indian citizen
  2. Should not possess another family card in that state nor should he or she have a ration card in another state.
  3. Should not live and cook separately.

Once these criteria are met, the applicant has to simply fill in an application form and submit it. The form-filling can be done either manually or on the online portal. If you feel filling the form is a little too difficult for you to manage by yourself, there are numerous ration card agents available who will handle the task efficiently and responsibly.

What are some of the documents you need to submit?

While applying for a ration card, there are a couple of documents that will need to be submitted along with the completed application form. These include a passport, driving license, any current residence proof along with an electricity bill, telephone bill, bank passbook and a few others. A basic fee will also have to be paid while submitting the application form.

It is only after the required documents are attached that the form will go in for verification. Once the details and documents have been verified, the ration card shall be created and handed over to the applicant.

All in all, irrespective of which category you fall under, a ration card is a vital document to keep with you at all times. Even if the process of applying for one is tedious due to the long queues and inefficient people you sometimes encounter, you need not worry. You can hire a ration card agent to handle the entire process for you while you continue following your everyday routine.

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