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DIY Neon Signs

The neon sign has become an increasingly popular fashion recently, thanks to bright colors and attractive design. If you’re trying to bring the right amount of flair to your home or create a striking impression for your company A custom neon sign is the perfect way to display your personal fashion. If you’re looking to purchase a ready-to-install neon sign is the most convenient option, making your own neon sign is an enjoyable and innovative idea that lets you modify every element of the sign. 

The time has come to build your own neon sign. In this part, we’ll guide you through the steps to assemble your neon sign. This includes cutting the acrylic backing as well as attaching your LED strips, connecting your power source, and finally putting up your sign.

Why Choose NeonChamp for Your Custom Neon Signs?

Although making your own DIY neon sign is an enjoyable and satisfying project it’s not the best choice for everybody. If you’re searching for an individual neon sign, but lack enough time or know-how to build one, Neon Champ can help. In this article, we’ll talk about the benefits that come with choosing Neon Champ for your custom neon sign requirements, such as the high-quality products, our expert designs, and speedy time to turn around.

Below are the steps you can follow to make and personalize your own sign by using Neon Champ. Neon Champ tool:

  • Go to the Neon Champ tool and click on the Neon Signs or Flow-Mo Signs button.
  • Pick the dimensions and design of your signage by selecting from the various options.
  • Choose the color of your signage from the color palette, or type in an individual color code.
  • Pick the font type and type of text that you would like to display on the signage. There is the option of adding multiple lines of text if you’d like.
  • Change the font size and location of the text you want to display on your signage using the drag-and-drop interface.
  • The Neon Champ tool offers a power adapter option for your custom sign with various voltage options, including USA/CANADA 120V, UK/IRELAND 230V, EUROPE 230V, AUSTRALIA/NZ 230V and others.
  • When creating a neon sign with the Neon Champ tool, you can also choose from hardware options such as a clear acrylic backing panel to customize your sign.
  • Check out your design to determine what it will look like before you finalize the design.
  • If you’re satisfied with the style, simply click “Add to Cart ” button to order your personalized signage.
  • Input your payment and shipping information to finish your purchase.
  • You can wait for the custom-designed design to be sent to you. Enjoy the personalized sign you created!

There are a variety of aspects to take into consideration before selecting the Neon signs


The look of the signage is a significant aspect since it can affect the overall appearance and feel of the space. Choose a sign that matches your personal design or theme for your space.


Think about the dimensions of the sign, in relation to the room you want to put it up in. The larger size of the sign could work best in an open space however a smaller size could be better suited to an intimate space.


Neon signs come in various shades, so pick one that is compatible to complement your decor which creates the ambience or mood.


The high quality of the sign’s neon is vital because it can affect its longevity and durability. Choose signs that are made of top-quality materials like LED neon lighting and transparent acrylic backing.


If you’re in the market for an original neon sign, you should look at a business that provides the option of customization. It will let you develop a distinctive appearance that expresses your individual preferences and style.


Neon signposts can differ in cost depending on their size, style and also level of quality. Take into consideration your budget when you select one, however, be aware of the fact that investing in a top-quality sign might be cheaper over the long term.


You can either design your own neon sign, or rely on NeonChamp’s experts NeonChamp, a custom neon sign can be a fantastic method to bring a unique design to your home or workplace. By using a bit of imagination and a little guidance from a professional You can design an original LED neon sign which truly represents your personal character and style.


Do I have the ability to create a customized style for my neon sign?

This is the appeal of DIY neon signs! It is possible to design any style that you want, ranging from simple text to a more complex graphic or logo.

How long can LED neon light bulbs to last?

LED neon lighting is designed to last for a minimum of 50 years, which is roughly 5-6 years of continuous usage. But their life span can differ based on variables such as humidity, temperature as well as voltage.

Can I use my neon sign outdoors?

Even though LED neon light bulbs are more long-lasting and more weatherproof than traditional neon light bulbs, they’re not completely waterproof and could be damaged by rain or intense sunlight. You should use your own neon light indoors or inside a shaded outdoor space.