How to Get the Best Results with Web Push Notifications

Web Push Notifications

While web push notifications are extremely effective — yet often under-utilized — marketing tools, you have to make sure you are using them smartly to get the maximum payoff.

The three key ingredients for a fool-proof web push notification strategy are time, copy and the customer’s funnel journey, or segmentation. That’s according to 38 web push notification experts.

Moreover, here’s how to get killer results according to Adam Houlahan, Sam Hurley, Erik Qualman, Ritchie Pettauer, Mandy McEwen, Tim Hughes – in total 38 marketing experts:


People’s attention spans are so short, and with the web so much content is competing for people, that timing is everything.

You must find the right time to break into your customer’s day with a web push notification. Therefore, you have to know your customers’ habits.

Do your research, and use whatever data is at your disposal.

For example: how many times a day do people drink coffee? If so, when should you ping them with a deal on a mocha or a cappuccino?

action buttons

If you are going to influence customers’ habits, your web push notification has to be something that creates urgency or gets them to act. Make your product a part of their routine.


The content of your message relies on great text, but there are other key ingredients as well:

  • An emotional touch (emojis)
  • A clear call to action, or CTA.
  • And, something brief – likely 120 characters.

If you make it fun and to the point, it’s more likely your CTA will be successful.

Use and A/B test on your CTA button, if you have different options.

Also, put your CTA at the beginning of your message, if possible.


Last but certainly not least — really the MOST important part — is to tap into your users by market.

Very few web push notifications give this option, so here’s your chance at a competitive advantage.

Try to show information based on the browser’s activity and history.

Experts suggest segmenting your targets by:

  • Visited pages
  • Custom events and funnel
  • Geography
  • Browser and device

Experts’ opinion in infographic

Here’s the best part, we combined the wisdom of 38 experts in this infographic:

Go forth and conquer

Now you have your strategy.

Figure out the timing, and make it fun.

Do the research, and be ready to be flexible with your plan.

That’s how you win with web push notifications.

Helvis SmoteksAbout Author: Helvis is an SEO-mastering, content-smithing marketer who spends his days at MaxTraffic helping marketers send Web Push Notifications