Get a deal on booking a hotel by using a VPN

booking a hotel

Do you also love traveling? Whether it’s a short trip in the UK, a two-week getaway to Europe or a long holiday in Asia, if you book your holidays yourself, you know that sometimes the prices of hotels might shock you. You probably already know the trick of deleting your cookies before checking prices, but did you know using a VPN might also save you a lot of money? We’ll gladly explain to you how this works, so you can go on an amazing holiday at the best possible price point.

A bit more info about a VPN

Some of you might wonder: “What’s a VPN? I’ve never heard of that!”. Well, a Virtual Private Network or VPN is a secure, encrypted network you can use to be safe online and surf the web anonymously. A VPN connects you to a server of choice, in your home country or another country. With a VPN your own IP address and personal data get encrypted; if anyone tries to reach your information, they see the information of the server you’ve selected. Using a VPN has multiple pros: for one, your personal info is safe. But another very important handy side to using a VPN is the fact that you’re able to bypass geographical blocks.

Use your VPN to spot better prices

You might wonder how using a VPN is going to save you money while booking hotels for your next trip. Well, the prices of hotels can vary for a lot of reasons. Room occupancy of that hotel, the price matching to competitors and the type of room are just some of the reasons.

But did you know that the prices of hotels can vary for tourists of different countries? This has a lot to do with the seasonal demand that sometimes differs between countries. For example, not all European countries have their summer holidays at exactly the same time. And for some countries, skiing holidays might peak in February, while in other countries the prices are highest in March. For that reason, the price of a hotel room might be vastly different depending on which country you’re trying to book it from.

By using a VPN online, you see the prices of hotels for people of a certain country. Sometimes the prices are the same, sometimes there can be big differences. If you have some time, it is worth a try! You might just book a that charming hotel in Greece you’ve been ogling … and with the money you save, you can visit all the culture the city has to offer!

Download your VPN now and save money

Do you want to check if your hotel accommodations can be booked for a better price? Choose GOOSE VPN! In just a few simple steps you can download your VPN.

  1. Select the GOOSE VPN subscription you want. GOOSE VPN is a log-free VPN you can use on all your devices without paying extra. You can easily protect your privacy on your computer, laptop, tablet, and smartphone.
  2. Download GOOSE VPN on your device of choice or all of your devices.
  3. Delete your browser history and cookies, this also has an effect on hotel prices.
  4. Open the GOOSE VPN app and choose a server to check the hotel prices. This is a bit of a trying game. You can choose multiple servers worldwide, such as Hungary, India, Italy, and Japan.
  5. Check the booking site or the site of the hotel whether or not the prices have changed. If the prices are lower, it’s time to book! Are the prices the same or even higher? Then change the server to another country and try again.

Good luck, we hope you can save a lot of money and enjoy a lovely hotel stay!

Image credit: booking a hotel via REDPIXEL.PL/Shutterstock