Gambling Trends to watch out for 2020

Gambling has grown manifolds since the time it began decades ago. With the advent of technology, it adapted to this trend and brought on with it changes in the space of gambling. Today, the industry is worth 60 billion dollars and is expected to mint double the amount in the next five years or so. 

The masterminds behind bringing this gaming to us, are working tirelessly to bring newer and newer games to attract more people. Casinos, especially, are trying to keep up the more modern trends in the industry and incorporate them all to improve the customer experience. 

With artificial intelligence and virtual reality enveloping our lives, casinos and online gambling sites such as Judi Bola are trying to enhance a players experience at these games. Let’s take a look at some of the gambling trends to watch out for in 2020: 

Dealer based games 

Gambling began with people going to real-life casinos with dealers and roulette machines that housed gamblers, professional and occasional alike. Some of the other games here included blackjack and slot machines which are now available even in online games such as poker online. These dealer-based games will now have real-life look-alike dealers that will give the customers the real feel of the game. This year, some of the games are taking it a step ahead and to have human dealers at the table. How do you ask? By having live streaming brought to you at your homes. This way, you can play the games and can skip going to an actual casino.

Increase in acceptance of Cryptocurrencies 

Terms like cryptocurrency and block chain have gained a lot of momentum in the past few years. But how does this affect the gambling industry? Since the time that block chain technology was founded a lot of the casinos have incorporated this in the various functioning of the casinos, particularly the payment section. So, now as a player one does not have to give out information such as the personal and payment information while making deposits in the game. Cryptocurrencies such as bitcoins are gaining interest in the gamblers playing the game that now even online casinos have started to accept them as a form of payment. This year the number of cryptocurrency payments seem to be on the rise since bitcoins are becoming an active mode of payment for all. 

AI and Machine Learning 

AI and Machine learning have proved to be successful in enhancing the experience of the customer in various industries, and online gambling is just one of them. An area in online casino gambling that already features this technology is in customer suggestion. Machine learning provides players with recommendations of the games they would like to play similar to the ones that they are currently playing. Some of the other areas that are up for machine learning and AI upgrade are customer support. Online casinos such as Judi Bola help to enhance customer support by having chat bots installed on the website that smoothens customer experience. 

Increase in the number of gamblers

The number of players has increased in the last decade, and it can only be seen to grow in the years to come. This has brought in a need for variety to attract customers, thus, leading to an increase in competition and more and more games in the market. Players are competing on leader boards and in social slots amongst other things. Players can now access and play their favourite online casino games while on the go. Mobile devices have also been on the rise, and now everyone owns a smartphone. This has forced casinos to develop games exclusive to mobile devices while the majority opted to optimize their sites for mobile gambling. Game developers have also embarked on similar moves, with many of them focused on creating mobile-friendly games. In 2020, mobile gaming is expected to change the game as new casino titles under classic genres such as roulette, slots, poker and others will attract more investments in the same space. 


Poker online and casino websites are competing to provide their customers with the best customer experience and technology. With the fast-changing landscape in the tech world, it’s only a matter of time until the changes reach the gambling industry. With the trends mentioned above already being incorporated in casino games and poker online, 2020 will be an exciting year to watch how these trends play out in the industry and amongst the customers. It will also be interesting to see which other trends will rise now that technology and mobile gaming are booming like never before!