Top 10 Gadgets That Changed Entire World #gadgetspower


I can’t imagine my life without top 10 things listed in this article below, and I sure most of you guys will agree with me. Do tell us your top 10 gadgets that you cannot live without and that changed the entire world.

Without further ado, let’s see what all things I use almost every day and living without it is unimaginable.

Top 10 Gadgets of the world (Personal list)

10. GPS -Do you go to a place today, without knowing where it is? Using GPS systems on your phone is a mandatory affair these days, I can’t imagine going to a new place without a GPS. GPS today are inside your mobile phone, but before they were that bulky device that can load maps and tell you your location and your final destination.

9. DVR –My DVR at home records my favorite shows, movies, and music when I need them. I use it regularly to keep track of things that I like. Be it news or a comedy show; I always prefer recording it and watching it later to jump ads.

8. TV –Without TV you cannot see what’s going around the world. I watch TV at least 1 hour a day, surfing through my favorite shows and sometimes watching 2-3 hours movies on my favorite movie channels.

7. Mobile Phones / Laptops – What all things you need today – information and entertainment? Both are covered in your mobile phones and laptops. They work like a companion for me, and I have them close to me all day.

6. AC –I know you need an AC in summers, and in winters you forgot them. However, still, I would say they are an important ingredient of technology to control your living area from too much heat and cold as well. Dual temperature AC’s are not quite in use in every household, but sooner or later they will fall into your home.

5. Fridge –Be it for food preservation or a cold drink, I can’t imagine life without a Fridge.

4. Microwave –People using gas stoves and burners prefer using a microwave if available as its easy to use and quick to deliver. I use it daily for some or other job at home.

3. Automobiles –Cars, Bikes, Aeroplanes, etc. all have the same thing to target and achieve; they take you from one place to another.

2. Internet / WiFi –All that I know and I do right now and in future is on The INTERNET. It’s the most important thing I need daily.

1. Electricity –I know it’s not like a gadget, but almost every gadget needs it, so I can’t leave this from the list and hence its the number 1 thing on my list.

That is all guys, I know people have different priorities, and this list may differ from person to person. So, what do you have to say about this? Do tell us your top 10 or may top 5 things in today’s world that are highly essential.