G Suite Sync with Microsoft Outlook: Say Goodbye to Microsoft Exchange

Technological advancements in the world today have made life very much easier now. Many complicated functions have now been simplified for convenience. One such advancement is the ability to access your Google mail information and data through your Microsoft account.

The G Suite Sync

G Suite sync is a program available to PC users who have Google apps and would like to sync them to a compatible version of Microsoft outlook. It links Outlook notes and Google documents.

How does G Suite Sync Work?

In order to sync data, the program uses the MAPI protocol between Google and Outlook data file. It’s usually downloaded and installed on a computer where it introduces the G Suite migration for Microsoft Outlook which imports any existing data to Google.

The G Suite provides one with cost savings, security, and reliability. It also gives employees a chance to use the interface they want when they are handling E-mails, contacts, calendars or notes.

Microsoft Outlook

This platform allows you to organize your emails, share your calendars, schedules, meetings, and files. It helps you keep them all in one place for easy access. The program acts as a manager for your personal information.

It’s mainly used for sending Emails and can be used together with Microsoft Exchange server or Microsoft SharePoint server when it’s being used by a lot of people in an organization, especially if they use shared mailboxes, schedules, and calendars.

G Suite saying goodbye to Microsoft

Not every technology, hardware or software stays in the same version forever. Eventually, a more developed version is introduced, and it’s mandatory for users to update theirs too so that they do not miss out on anything.

On 31st December 2018, G Suite announced that they would not be supporting Windows XP and server 2003 with their tools such as:

This is because Microsoft does not support the two platforms anymore. They said that for those who had already installed G Suite to these platforms, their tools would still continue to function but they would not receive any updates on security and neither will they be maintained or actively tested by them.

The New Migration Features

At the end of 2018, officials at Microsoft announced that they were trying to come up with a new development that would enable a Google G Suite to Office 365 migration. In April 2019, the program had already begun, but it has not yet been made fully available to Microsoft users.

In order to use this new migration feature, every user must have an Office Directory Synchronization already setup.

They also introduced the Mailbox Replication Service for exchange and Office 365, which handles importing and exporting the mailbox, migration, and restoration. When using this Mailbox Replication Service, all the migrations done can only be processed through individual requests.

There is also another very important component of the entire migration function called the Migration Service. This component makes it possible to submit migration requests for batches of users. The Mailbox Replication Service is usually used here too in order to manage the mailbox requests one at a time.

Switching from G Suite to Office 365

This type of migration is very technical, and users need to be extremely careful about how they do it; otherwise, they may end up losing their data. The following factors must be put into consideration before starting the switch:

  • Which Data are you Migrating?

For most people, their primary data will be their email. However, businesses may want to move more than their email information. It may be different kinds of data coming from additional apps from different departments. All this must be put into careful consideration.

  • Will you do the migration yourself or will you seek help?

Doing this by yourself may help you save money, but you will need to have a lot of technical knowledge. Find a method that will not leave you frustrated.

  • What is in your migration toolbox?

Ensure that you have all the software tools and necessary services to make a successful migration. Some of these must be bought.

  • How long do you want to take?

This migration is not like flipping a coin. Set a reasonable timeframe. Do not move all your accounts at once.

In conclusion, G Suite has been of great service to users for the longest time. Even though it may be facing competition from other programs, it remains as a great platform that everyone should consider having. For more information, you can call the G Suite phone number, which is listed on their website and tell them your concerns.

Image: G Suite via Shutterstock/Piotr Swat

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