Future Trends Which are Changing the Logistics Landscape


Recent advances in technology have completely revolutionized many different industries with the logistics industry being one which has benefit greatly from developments. There have been a number of key tech advances in the shipping field and a number of new emerging trends which will change the landscape in the near future.


Automation is a word that has caused plenty of stir in the logistics and other industries in recent years. The technology is constantly improving but there has been hesitation to implement this tech due to fears of jobs losses – the truth is that employees and automation can co-exist peacefully and it can be used to help staff. Automation tools can be used to reduce errors, streamline the operation and allow companies to redistribute staff to areas of the business that need the human touch.

Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT) will play a major role in many industries in the coming years and will certainly help the shipping industry. Implementing digital solutions will enable logistics service providers like Tuffnells to connect pallets, trucks and ships digitally throughout the supply chain to collect real-time data. This will give companies a greater insight into the entire operation and how they can make improvements.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is now beginning to be used in a number of industries and it certainly has a large role to play in logistics. AI will allow businesses to make informed, intelligent business decisions that are based on large volumes of data that have been obtained from the supply chain. In addition to helping with decision-making, AI could also be used to transform entire business models and improve the customer experience.

Autonomous Transport

There is a gradual move towards autonomous driving and this is technology that will, obviously, have serious implications for the shipping industry. This can currently be seen in warehouses but it will take some time before autonomous goods trucks are seen on the roads as there are many logistical issues to overcome first. Self-driving trucks are currently being designed and modelled around the world so this will certainly be the future of logistics and businesses are beginning to prepare for the autonomous revolution.

These are just a few tech trends that are and will shape the logistics industry in the coming years. There have been some truly remarkable developments made in recent times and knowing how to implement this new technology will help those in the logistics industry to thrive and compete at a higher level.