Funniest Football Matches In History


Football has undeniably been a great source of entertainment since time immemorial. With meme culture on the rise, football has inspired a considerable number of memes on the internet. Football serves a dual purpose now. It not only teaches us sportsmanship but also provides us with some uforgettable moments most of which can be found in the football video section of Buaksib. Let us look back on the funniest football matches in history for some much-needed laughter therapy!

The Comic Football Nostalgia

  • The Belgium-England 2018 World Cup: The Belgian pro football player Michy Batshuayi is popular both on and off the field. Even if you arenít a football enthusiast, you cannot miss out on his witty tweets. However, Michy didnít tickle our funny bones with his tweet but rather with his antics on the football field. Michy acciFirst, dentally kicked the ball. Then, being the epitome of sportsmanship, he made fun of himself through a tweet. We feel you, Michy!
  • The Liverpool Vs Chelsea Game, í13: It would be a shame if we didnít talk about the Phil Babb moment while enlisting the funniest football matches in history. Just thinking about the match makes us recoil with pain. We feel guilty for laughing at this one, but Phil Babb hitting himself against the post while trying to goal is something you cannot miss!
  • The 2014/15 Madrid- Barcelona Match: The rivalry between Madrid and Barcelona is known. These teams have some of the biggest fan bases across the globe. And therefore, Ardan Turanís frustration on getting out of Copa Del Rey was pretty justifiable. However, while that might have been a sore moment for Madrid and all the die-hard Madrid fans worldwide, Turan turned it into a funny moment for everyone else by losing his boot while throwing it at an official. Whoops!
  • The FC Groningen and Heracles match of 2013: While in the rest of the cases, the players decided to be jesters intentionally or unintentionally, in this case, a cat decided to poke fun at humans. The entire match was halted for not some dignitary or because of some natural calamity, but a feline. The footballers waited for the cat to leave, and only then that the game resumed.
  • The Manchester United and Arsenal Match: Although we find all of Phil Jonesí moments equally funny as the player never fails to amuse us with his antics and facial expressions on the field, we do have a favourite. In the Arsenal vs Man United match, Phil Jones came up with a never-seen-before way of defending. Crawling and using his head coupled with a distorted expression made up for a great defence technique. A big fat thumbs up, Phil. 

Phil Jones has singlehandedly inspired an entire generation of members, and we arenít complaining!

You must have heard about a lot of perks of playing football. However, even watching football has many perks, and getting free laughter therapy tops our list!