FromSoftware: ‘in the process’ of restoring Dark Souls Online Servers

Developer FromSoftware is in the process of restoring the servers. The servers for the Dark Souls series have been offline for PC players for months due to remote code execution (RCE) exploit that could let hackers take over your computer.

“We are currently in the process of restoring the online servers for the Dark Souls series on PC,” FromSoftware said in an email. “We plan to restore online service for each game progressively, bringing back servers for Dark Souls 3 once we complete the necessary work to correct the problem.

We will deliver additional updates as soon as the restoration schedule is finalized. We want to thank all our players for your patience and understanding as we work to fix this issue.”

Bandai Namco spokesperson Hiro Ito shared the same FromSoftware statement when we asked for comment and clarified that Dark Souls 3 would be the first game to restore its servers. However, it remains unclear when precisely the restoration will begin.

On February 9, Bandai Namco and FromSoftware said in a post on the Dark Souls Twitter account that they had “identified the cause” of the issues, were “working on fixing” them, and that the Dark Souls games on PC would remain offline until after the February 25 release of Elden Ring. The two companies also said they had ensured that “the necessary security measures are in place for all target platforms.”

FromSoftware was established as a productivity software developer in Tokyo, Japan, on November 1, 1986. Their first video game did not arrive until 1994, when they released King’s Field as a liftoff title for the PlayStation. The game did not notice the release in North America. A 1995 sequel would later be discharged in North America bearing the same title and comprehended as King’s Field II in Japan.

After releasing the third label in that series, FromSoftware moved on to overlook Echo Night and Shadow Tower in 1998. However, IGN would later note that the latter was “effectively a King’s Field follow-up” as it shared many gameplay conventions. Also, during this time, FromSoftware would unleash Armored Core, the first in a mech game series that would spawn many sequels.

The making of Armored Core hardened the company’s development skills, and in July 1999, they unleashed the multiplayer action game Frame Gride for the Sega Dreamcast.

When the PlayStation 2 was founded in 2000, FromSoftware supported the system with the two RPGs, Eternal Ring, a first-person RPG like the King’s Field series, and Evergrace, a more conventional action RPG viewed from a third person perspective.

In addition to these labels, FromSoftware published Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven, a stealth game incorporating action and adventure elements. The company also unleashed a pair of sequels to their PlayStation 1 offerings with King’s Field IV and Shadow Tower Abyss. Finally, FromSoftware also released the Lost Kingdoms labels for the GameCube, a competing sixth-generation console.

During this generation, FromSoftware’s focus would move from RPGs to mech games due to the success of the Armored Core series. Then, in 2002, FromSoftware radiated the mech action game Murakumo: Renegade Mech Pursuit for the Xbox before penetrating the mobile game market, where they released another King’s Field title.

In 2004, they released another Xbox title, Metal Wolf Chaos. In 2005, FromSoftware would begin to produce a series of licensed games based on the various anime possessions under the banner of Another Century’s Episode. In the same year, the company hosted the video game industry’s first internship that let students experience game development through a game creation kit, Adventure Player, for the PlayStation Portable.

In 2008, FromSoftware underwent a stock split before entering the Nintendo Wii market to release Tenchu: Shadow Assassins. After the success of Dark Souls in 2011, Hidetaka Miyazaki became the president of FromSoftware in May 2014.

In April 2014, Kadokawa Corporation declared its intention to purchase the company from one-time shareholder Transcosmos. The deal was concluded on May 21, 2014. In December 2015, FromSoftware was nominated for developer of the year at The Game Awards 2015 but lost to CD Projekt Red.

In January 2016, FromSoftware founded a studio in Fukuoka that focuses on developing computer-generated imagery (CGI) assets for their games.