Fresh Ideas to Make Your Office More Fun


If you work full-time, it’s safe to say that you most likely spend the majority of your time at the office.  In fact, you probably see your coworkers more than you see your friends and family, which is why it is so important to enjoy coming to work.  Here are a few fresh ways to make your office more fun for your whole team!

Make Your Office Feel Like Home

Your office is essentially your second home, so why not make it feel like it?  Adding cozy elements can make your space feel more inviting and less like a stuffy, traditional office.  If your office has tile or hardwood floors, try putting a rug in the middle of the room for a more relaxed vibe.  If you don’t like your office’s fluorescent lighting, add a few lamps or hang some string lights around the room for a softer look.  Adding little touches around the office will make you and your team feel more relaxed during those work weeks that just seem extra long.

Spend Quality Time Together

Working with the same group of people for 40+ hours each week might seem like more than enough time to get to know each other, but getting to know your coworkers outside of the office can actually improve the overall functionality of your office.  If your company offers some sort of employee wellness program, team up with your coworkers and head to the gym or a nearby park for some group exercise.  Ready the unwind after a long week?  Try planning a happy hour with your office.  You will be able to mingle with your coworkers in a more relaxed setting, and all of that quality bonding time can help improve your company’s culture as well.

Hold An Office Potluck

Everyone loves food, so try holding an office potluck once a month as a way to socialize and try new food!  To organize a potluck, simply place a sign-up sheet in your office and ask participants to write down what they will be bringing.  If it makes you feel more comfortable, you can set a budget for how much each person should spend when preparing a meal, so that nobody feels like they brought too much or too little.  On the day of the potluck, set up the food in a buffet style in the breakroom, and let everyone serve themselves.  Potlucks are a great way to add some fun to an otherwise standard work day, and your team will appreciate having a home-cooked meal for lunch.

Set Up A Coffee Station

Coffee is one of the most essential parts of a work day, and sometimes your office’s old coffee maker just doesn’t cut it.  Consider upgrading to a newer model and setting up a coffee station in your office.  You can purchase inexpensive sugars, creamers, and syrups to stock up on, as well as coffee cups and lids.  If it’s within your budget, consider purchasing an espresso machine to take your office’s coffee station to the next level!