French Polynesia: Travel To Pacific Islands

French Polynesia is the Pacific’s most famous bunch of islands, where you find those picturesque bungalows on stilts over blue lagoons. It’s nothing short of a tropical paradise.

It is a sought-after tourist destination in the world. It’s composed of 118 islands over 6,400 square kilometres of ocean. It’s a vast, remote region offering towering volcanic peaks, rough cliffs, and emerald lagoons that give some of the South Pacific’s most magnificent scenery.

Visiting French Polynesia is a bucket list item for most people in the world. However, due to their remoteness and appeal to celebrities and honeymooners, the islands are expensive destinations. 

Do Diving

Marine life can be spotted in the waters. So if you’re a diver, don’t miss out on diving here. Eleven of the region’s islands have dive centers with single-tank and two-tank dives.

Visit Tahiti

Tahiti is the biggest of the French Polynesian islands. Try to hit the Museum of Tahiti and Her Islands to gain an insight into Polynesia culture. Additionally, Le Merche is the site to try local cuisine and buy souvenirs.

Explore Bora Bora

Bora Bora is the newest island paradise. It is where honeymooners and celebrities experience luxurious over-water cottages. Its brilliant blue lagoon is the perfect place for jet skiing, paragliding, or other water sports. The jungles allow great hiking too.

Do Snorkeling 

The snorkelling here is incredible. Rurutu and Huahine are rated two of the world’s top places for snorkelling, but you can begin it anywhere!

Go Surfing

You can surf here all year round. Rangiroa Atoll, Maraa, Teahupoo, and Tikehau Left are more favourite spots to surf. You can rent boards for a day with a 2-3 hour surf lesson. 

Places in French Polynesia

Fatu Hiva

Fatu Hiva is positioned south of the Marquesas Islands and also the most remote. Its Bay of Virgins is often defined as the most stunning bay in French Polynesia. But, unfortunately, there are no shores on the island. Instead, you are met with the rough beauty of the cliff edges, ravines, and jungles. But people come here for snorkelling and diving. Positioned in the Marquesas, you can get here thru an upscale 3.5-hour flight from Tahiti to Atuona, accompanied by a 5-hour ferry.

Hike Belvedere Lookout

Belvedere Lookout, situated on Moorea, offers sweeping panoramic views of the island. Several marae, ancestral religious places are also distributed in the area just driving up to the lookout. It’s approximately a 3-hours roundtrip from Paopao on a natural trail.


Marae is the Polynesian temple where people came to allow up gifts to the Gods. The most notable is Taputapuatea, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, on the island of Raiatea. Opunohu Valley, which extends from the head of Cook’s Bay up to Belvédère on Moorea Island, has marae dotted all over the trekking trail. The marae usually is large cobblestone squares and has no roofs or walls.

Go whale watching

June and July are the zeniths of the whale-watching season in the Austral Islands south of Tahiti. Pods of humpback whales float to Rurutu and Tubuai from Antarctica to give birth. The whales can rise to 50-feet long and weigh over 66,000lbs. You can swim with humpback whales, with swimming excursions necessitating about the same as a whale watching tour.

Harrison Smith Botanical Gardens

These tropical fields in Papeari on the west coast of Tahiti spread over 135 hectares and are addressed to hundreds of trees, plants, flowers, shrubs, and lily ponds. They’re free to enter.

Head to Ua Pou

It is the 3rd largest of the Marquesa Islands. It’s a desert island with oasis-like valleys. It is 55km south of Nuku Hiva and goes for a beautiful addition to any tour to the Marquesas. Don’t miss the historic Catholic church in the center of the island and its impressive woodcarvings. 

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