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Founded in 2013, pCloud is a Switzerland based cloud storage solution with a proven track record.

It offers industry-leading data security features like end-to-end encryption, client-side encryption, zero-knowledge privacy, and lifetime payment plans.

Recently, pCloud has launched a new data center location in Europe to give users the freedom to select their desired server location.

So let’s understand how pCloud keeps all the user data secure, and what else it has to offer…

Top-Notch Data Privacy and Security by pCloud

pCloud is not your typical cloud storage service like Google Drive.

That’s because pCloud is the most secure cloud storage solution available in the market right now. You can safely put all your data into pCloud servers without having to worry about any data hacks.

To guarantee your data safety, pCloud uses TLS/SSL encryption and the standard 256 bit AES encryption. The data is stored on at least three server locations, with more than five copies to ensure that your information is safe in every situation.

Zero-knowledge privacy is respected by pCloud to ensure neither pCloud, nor any government authority or service can access your data. The encryption key is not stored in pCloud servers, so only you can decrypt your data, not pCloud or anyone else.

To take the data security to the next level, pCloud has launched a new security feature called Data Regions. With this, the users can select the server location where they want to save their data. The available locations are in the United States (Dallas, Texas) and the European Union (Luxembourg).

This is important for all the EU users as pCloud is based in Switzerland and follows all the Swiss privacy laws — some of the strictest privacy laws in the world. Once the data location is selected, it cannot be changed without explicit user permission. And you’re safe from the US government’s access to people’s data.

So you can be sure that your data is in safe hands.

pCloud Crypto

pCloud Crypto is the highest level of data security you can get from a cloud storage service.

It is an added client-side encryption layer to hide all your sensitive files on any device and make them invisible to others. This means that all the files are locked and encrypted right in your device — before the files are uploaded to pCloud servers.

So even if your device is lost, your data will stay hidden. No one can decrypt your data and access it without the CryptoPass key.

The pCloud Crypto is available as a separate encrypted folder in the system, where you can simply add your files, and they will be encrypted and uploaded to the servers automatically.

You can use pCloud Crypto to hide private files like personal documents, photos, or videos. The one downside of this is that all the data in your Crypto folder will be impossible to read, so you won’t be able to open the file previews, or play videos or music within pCloud.

pCloud Additional Features

Other than the best in class security, pCloud offers many essential features like…

Ease of Use

pCloud has a very intuitive dashboard designed for quick file uploads and management. After login, pCloud automatically syncs with the device, and you can upload the files directly from the device file manager.

File Syncing & Sharing

One of pcloud’s strengths is its file management system. No matter how many files and folders you store in your account, all of your data will be properly organized with easy navigation.

pCloud uses a virtual drive in the system that takes none of the local storage, but you can use it to access all your cloud files from one place. Automatic sync feature always keeps the latest version of files, and you can backup all your data in just one click.

To share any file, you can invite users to private folders with the “Invite to Folder” option or quickly share large files with links. You can even set up a public folder in your pCloud account, which you can use as a hosting service to create static HTML websites or share files without giving specific access to others.

pCloud Rewind

The pCloud Rewind feature allows you to recover any data from a certain point in the past. The Rewind is available as a separate folder in the Home directory, and you can use it to rewind your account by up to 30 days.

Extended File History is also available as an addon where you can recover any of your files at any time within 360 days of its modification.

pCloud Save

This is an extension by pCloud for all the major browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. With this extension, you can directly save images from browsers to your pCloud account. You can also use this to save photos from social media sites like Facebook or Instagram.

pCloud Pricing

pCloud offers two different subscription plans based on the annual and lifetime membership:

  • 500 GB at $47.88 per year or $175 one-time payment.
  • 2 TB at $95.88 per year of $350 one-time payment.

All the plan includes access to desktop and mobile applications, unlimited bandwidth, automatic backups, file sync, shared link branding, and 30-day trash history.

One thing to note is that pCloud Crypto isn’t included in the standard Pricing, and it costs an extra of $47.88 per year or $125 for life.

There’s also a family plan that supports up to four users with a 2 TB storage and costs $500 one time payment. Every member gets their personal space in this plan.

Alternatively, you can try pCloud for free and get up to 10 GB of cloud storage.

The Verdict

pCloud is a great cloud storage solution for both personal and business use. With end-to-end encryption, pCloud Crypto, and powerful file management tools, you really get your value for money.

As pCloud is based in Switzerland, it complies with some of the best cloud privacy laws (like GDPR), and the new option for users to get data centers in the EU make pCloud a better service than some of the big players in the cloud storage world. Especially for those looking for a cloud service that is dedicated to its user’s privacy and security.

So try pCloud today and start using this amazing cloud storage platform.