Freebies Attract More Readers To Your Blog

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As any longtime content creator will tell you, the key to retaining an audience with your content is too consistent with providing them with value. There are countless blog owners out there that only offer their best material for a price. While this can potentially be profitable if the content is of a certain quality, far more readers will be attracted and maintained by offering some premium content for free. 

Altruistically Provide Value Through Educational Content

 The Internet presents people with an endless ocean of opportunity to discover valuable information. Still, the abundance of dubious sources makes it difficult for many to find answers that they can legitimately trust in. People are willing to pay a significant amount of money for credible knowledge, and as an expert in your field, offering your expertise for free provides an invaluable opportunity to learn to your followers.

 Whatever your content creation strategy may be, always make a point to offer helpful tips creatively. How you could go about providing useful tips to your readers is only limited by your imagination; aside from blog posts, you could also create small ebooks and guides to offer as freebies in exchange for an email list subscription.

 Any complimentary ebook that you write can be made with the same amount of care that you put into one that you would offer for a listed price; even if it isn’t sold for a profit, the volume of new followers that can be generated from sharing it openly can be worth just as much as actual sales.

Social Media Syndication

 The influx of new readers that you can generate by offering free value reaches maximum potential with the right promotional strategy. While informational content alone is undoubtedly valuable, it’s only half of the battle; the second half has to do with your plan for raising awareness about what it is you have to offer among people who need it the most.

 One of the best ways that you can spread the word about your offer is through social media involvement. Whether you’re offering a free book, an instructional course, or any other kinds of give-a-ways, platforms like Facebook and Twitter can be instrumental in your strategy to get the right people talking about your offer. Encouraging users to spread the word about the give-a-way can enhance its viral potential.

Sharing your Free Offers with Influencers

 Rather than just posting a link to your offer and hoping that people gravitate to it with a paid promotion, you can accelerate things by getting in contact with thought leaders who have follower bases of your ideal reader. 

 If you took inspiration from any high-profile mentors in the creation of what you’re giving away to your ideal readers, publicly crediting them on social media could potentially result in them sharing the offer with their follower base; as their readers would mostly be made up of your target audience, this could cause your blog to skyrocket in exposure very quickly. 

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