Use Free Software To Reduce Image Editing Cost

There are manystoppages for a visual artist to showcase their work on a digital platform. Today I will tell you about free graphic design software that can solve your image editing problems. Simple tasks like cropping, resizing or removing a background make visual artists panic and in the process they start finding a professional for help or they might go to buy an expensive graphic design software.

Although this software that is paid have reduced their prices mainly because of the free options available in the market. GIMP, Inkscape, and Scribus are three great software that is free and can easily get your artwork ready for the market, that will, in turn, give you more exposure.

GIMP – Artists will get huge help in image manipulations

The GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) is an entirely free graphic editor which is very similar to what we know as the big shot in image editing is – Adobe Photoshop. Numerous features like editing, cropping, resizing, converting formats, combining multiple images, etc. can be achieved in GIMP. With the support of CMYK plugin in GIMP, the producing of quality print material has become easier. Available on Mac, Windows and Linux make it the first choice of many. You can use this software for making graphics for your emails and may be making great visuals for your website.


If you need support for vector graphics and high graphic work that Inkscape is a good option, which is again free and open source. You can make XML, CSS, and SCG standard compliant graphic files in minutes. The comparison of Inkscape can be made with Illustrator and Corel Draw, which are paid and highly professional.



Making a flyer or postcard in Scribus is very easy, and this software can do this job pretty well. It has pre-defined press ready layouts and support vector graphic like SVG, CMYK, ICC Color management and much more. Scribus can be compared to the famous Adobe Pagemaker, Adobe InDesign or QuarkPress like software. But you may need some technical help while installing it. Still a pretty handy program that is entirely free. Visual artists will love the detailed color management options of Scribus.

That’s it try the software above, and I am sure you will find your dream image editing software for free.

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