Top Free PC Tune Up Softwares

If you are looking for boosting your computer performance without altering or upgrading hardware, you can always go for PC tune-up utilities. These utilities make a computer more secure by deleting your personal information and fixes issues that may lead to instability of the system.

Such utilities should always be part of your Pc maintenance strategy which may also include firewall, anti-virus, anti-malware and a defragmenter.

Such utilities suites are a bunch of modules which deals directly with the most common problem areas. Few suites focus on data clean-up while other provide continuous monitoring and real-time statistics of the system like RAM usage, monitoring CPU or temperature. Most of them have common features like cleaning temp files, ensuring privacy by removing traces of data left by Internet sessions, delete incorrect registry entries and much more.

Here, in this article we have reviewed a couple of free pc tune up softwares which were installed at the same time. A major factor that we look at in these softwares are their simplicity and effectiveness. Other advanced features are secondary.

In case you have never used any PC tune-up program, then you will definitely observe significant improvement in speed and responsiveness of the system after you run these programs.

Important Point To Remember

When you run these programs, they will make changes to system files. So in case you are going to start these programs, it is a good practice to backup or selects a system restore point to avoid any problem and keeping a way out to recover if anything goes wrong. You can follow the below-mentioned steps.

  1. Always make a Windows system restore point.
  2. Take a backup of your crucial data.
  3. Read and understand about the utility, review their documentation and get yourself familiarized with manual vs. automatic modes.

ToolWiz Care

This utility is a wonderful freeware solution. Its main tab called Checkup provides the system resource information, one-click feature, and many other optional features.

The graphic UI of this tool is elegant and colorful. This utility loads up quickly and performs its tasks smoothly. The tray icon offers many options. If you hover your mouse over the toolbar, you can see system resource information.

Screen capture is situated on the right edge of the tool bar. It’s similar to Windows’s Snipping Tool. Considering this as single-click cleaning tool, ToolWiz is quite impressive, and it’s available free of cost. The only downside is the lack or help and support which may create problems for novice users.

Glary Utilities

This application launch by default as soon it is installed. On the appearance of the main screen, it starts on the overview tab. Then you have to select the one-click Maintenance tab, then select the Tracks Eraser and then do the scanning to find issues.

Once you are done with the one-click scan, Glary will record this setting and will always start from it. This is by far the fastest suites we have reviewed. With greater simplicity, it will also clean as good as CCleaner. Just click on the links mentioned “Show Details” to see what was scanned and hence removed.

The Advanced Tools tab is for those who have good experience with this tool which also provides additional features. For novice users, we would like to mention that you should deal with caution.

With this, we end our take on free pc tune up utilities and the top two utilities that you can try. Don’t forget to mention your reviews and suggestions in the comment section below.