Free Online Tool For Text Formatting With Appropriate UTF-8 Marks

Formatting your text is what always required when you want to copy-paste from one document to other. CleanText is an essential tool for webmasters, graphic designers and magazine editors to effectively reduce text formatting time, and it’s a great tool for any user that needs to cleanup an email, document, or other material.

CleanText is needed when you have to paste some text from one document or application into another, and you want the text to have same characteristics (like color, fonts, dimension and style) for the new document. The common problem of making emails with proper formatting is now few clicks away. - Keep it Clean

We don’t require CleanText every time but, it’s sometime necessary and with CleanText you won’t have any more excuses for fudging this work. The tool takes a large batch of ASCII text and pretties it up. It checks for misused quotation marks, hyphens, dashes and other punctuation marks and replaces them with the appropriate UTF-8 marks. You can trust this quick, smart and efficient tool to make your plain text easier to read.

Cleantext has a parsing log and is released under a GPL (General Public License). So, you can give feedback, fiddle with the code and contribute to the project. Automatic correction of other typos, such as replacement of three periods with an ellipsis, is currently being worked on.

Keep an eye on this tool because it might well become one of your little time-savers. The best part is its free online text formatting for enhancing the text to its original value.

Let us know if you have come around any sort of web application which can make text rendering easy and error less.