Top 5 Best Google Reader Alternatives that are also Free google reader alternative

Another application of Google is closing soon, and the Graveyard has been added with one more Google product this time its the turn of Google Reader. July 1st, 2013 will be the last day of Google Reader. So in this post we have provided best free Google Reader alternatives, with these I am sure, you will never feel if you have missed any story.

The list below is in ascending order, means the best site is on top. Also if you need to download your Google Reader data and want to transfer it easily, then you can go straight to Google Takeout, from where you can download all the google account stuff, including the drive.


Bloglines is the fastest way to find and track your favorite websites and blogs in real-time. Easily customize your dashboard with multiple view options, drag and drop organization, and exclusive widgets. Get the latest news on all your interests and trending topics exactly the way you want it, with the new Bloglines Reader!


Dashboard to monitor everything that matters to you: apps, feeds and more. Netvibes has come a long way since its been in the market. With just few clicks you can add various interests like news politics technology and many more. The feeds thought have a limit of 150/200 feeds/widgets per private dashboard for optimum use.

Pulse takes your favorite websites and transforms them into a colorful and interactive mosaic. Pulse works well with Android and iOS, the widgets for android are just awesome.


Another great free google reader alternative which has been most popular in last few days as it has gained over 500000 readers from google reader, since there shutdown call. Try it, it excellent and easy to use.


Stories are pushed directly to you, so you can read news as it comes in. Read the content in context, the way it was meant to be seen. Reading news is better with friends. Share stories on your public blurblog.Hide the stories you don’t like and highlight the stories you do.

Do tell us which one of these you choose to be your next feed reader.