Free Download: 10+ Google Apps for your Android

We all know that Google is best developer in every field of gadgets and apps all over the world and everyone knows how valuable google is in any aspect. Google develop applications for Android, iphone, blackberry mobile and for others Android and iphone is in tough competition in race of Gadgets because of application of mobiles. So here you will get best Google Application for Android which is used by user’s in their Androids with greater interest.

1.Quick Search Box

It is best application by Google with help of which you can make Google search and your phone’s apps and contacts. Just type or speak your query.Check out the video Quick Search Box

2.Google Maps

By this google application you can search for local businesses, drive with turn-by-turn GPS navigation, or get transit directions Google Maps.


It is another cool application by Google by which you can access your gmail. Search for any email saved in your account Gmail.


As everybody knows that youtube is a best website, By Youtube you can easily browse videos or upload your own at DVD quality.check out the video Youtube

5. Latitude

Latitude is a great application by Google you can use it If you want to see your friends’ locations on a map which is a very cool option for users check out the video Latitude


Buzz is a application just like twitter by using which you can see buzz around you and tag posts with your location check out the video Buzz.



Goggles is acool application which can make search more easier, you can search the web using pictures check out the Goggles.

8. Google Voice

Google Voice is a good application if you want to Listen to voicemail, send free SMS, call internationally at low rates check out the video. Google Voice

9. Google Talk

It is a cool messenger, by this you can instantly message your friends and family.check out the video Google Talk

10.Google Calendar

Google Calender is another good application for users with help of which You can manage you meetings online.check out the video Google calender

11. Google Finance

Google Finance is a great application with help of which you Get real-time quotes and news.check out the video Google Finance

12. Google Shopper

Google shopper is also used in maximum number this application can help you to Shop in smarter way on your Android Phone. Check out the video Google shopper

13. Google Earth

Google Earth is a best and liked by all user’s application can use it to explore the world from the palm of your hand with Google Earth for Android. check out the video Google Earth

?14. Google Contacts

Google Contacts is nice application by which Your Google Contacts are automatically synced to your phone. check out the video Google contacts