Framing new approaches to sustainable business development

Sustainability is a topic of general interest in the business world at the moment. The changes that happen in the environment today are quite worrying, and this is the reason behind raising awareness on sustainable development. Because many researchers and entrepreneurs started to look for methods to reduce the waste their companies produce, the carbon footprint they leave behind and the overall impact of their activities on the environment.

Changing the habits of your staff

Framing new approaches to sustainable business development 2

First off, you need to teach your staff how to act in a sustainable way. In many cases, when spending 8-9 hours a day at work, people tend to adopt behaviors that may not encourage saving energy and reducing carbon footprint. Increasing the engagement of your staff in adopting a sustainable strategy can be done by following a few easy ways. A green team is aware of all the company’s goals. If your company should become a fully sustainable one shortly, your employees must be aware of that. Spell out the case for your company and your team should find it much easier to adopt sustainability practices and stick to them in the future. Here are a few activities that could help your team become green:

  • Principles – try to establish a few principles that the team must respect, even though your employees might be reticent at first
  • Going veggie for one day – highly processed food is not healthy, neither for the people who consume it or the environment; organize a green day where everyone eats veggies instead of other types of food
  • Encouraging biking to work – biking instead of taking the car has multiple advantages that your employees must know about; if most of them live nearby, they have all reasons to bike to work each day; consider giving them small benefits if they adopt a greener transportation method
  • Recycle events – whenever you have the chance, organize recycling events and ask your employees to bring plastics, used batteries or bottle caps to work, in order to take them to a specialized recycling center

Recycling rules

Framing new approaches to sustainable business development 2

Some states already included recycling regulations for businesses, that must be respected no matter what in order to keep the company running. Employees or people who notice your company’s activity can create complex complaints regarding your recycling strategy, that will be investigated further in the future. If your company doesn’t make the necessary changes on time, you might be charged with fines or even infractions increases.

If you can’t afford to pay a company to deal with your recycling needs, you can come up with your own sustainability strategy by purchasing balers and compactors. Either way, becoming sustainable will require investments, both in terms of time and finances. Miltek is one of the companies that helps businesses transform themselves in sustainable ones. Reducing garbage levels and analyzing the amount of waste that your company generates is a requirement to become sustainable.

Modify the work policy

In many cases, the work policy is not effective. If you require your staff to spend at least 8 hours a day at work, even though they might not be productive during that entire period, you are wasting energy – both electrical energy and the energy of your employees. Consider adopting flexible scheduling. This way, your employees will decide how much time they need to spend at work to complete the tasks given in the most productive manner. The current CRM software programs allow entrepreneurs to track the work hours of their employees easy and efficient. Get rid of that fixed schedule and give your employees the chance to work at their own pace. You’ll notice a boost in productivity and a visible decrease in your energy bills in just a few months.

Have weekly open discussions

Brainstorming is a good opportunity to share brilliant ideas. Employees can discuss their opinions related to becoming sustainable, their feedback regarding the activities they must engage in during work or any other changes that you requested lately. This way, both the staff and yourself can be satisfied. Keeping discussions open about this topic throughout the whole process of becoming a sustainable company is definitely a requirement, considering that great ideas can be generated from your employees. In addition, bring keynote speakers in the field of sustainability to train your staff or inform people about the damage that carbon footprints or waste left behind.

Keep energy consumption under control

This will not only help your business become sustainable, but it will also save you some money at the end of each month. The first step would be getting an energy audit done for your company. You will know for sure how much energy your electronics consume both during low and peak times. After that, you can trim down your needs accordingly. A big change that always makes a difference even though it doesn’t seem that important at first is represented by replacing regular light bulbs with CFL or LED ones.

They consume less power and have a longer lifespan, but the initial costs are quite high. Making this change is profitable though, because you are going to reduce energy consumption in the long run, paying less on your monthly bills. Thus, the return on investment is noticeable. Switching off equipment when not in use is a requirement. If you can’t turn off most of your appliances, see if they have a hibernation mode. Computers do have it, and you should encourage your employees to use it while they are away.

Act locally for sustainability

In order to meet your business development goals in terms of sustainability, you will need to act locally but think globally. This means that your actions should reflect on a larger scale. Through your partnerships, you should encourage locally-owned businesses that are aligned with your company’s goals. The local community in which your company works and grows should benefit from your actions, so whenever you have the chance to extend the benefits of your sustainability changes locally, do it without second thoughts.

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