Four Ways of Monitoring Employee Behavior

Monitoring Employee

Using employee computer monitoring software is a great way to measure the performance of your organization. And you donít have to be discreet about it. Telling them that their actions will be monitored increases the chances of them completing work and receiving distractions.

Your emails and private messages can be viewed by advanced network analyzers and logging software. Even your old information thatís been deleted from your system can be subjected to workplace monitoring.

Knowing how your employees utilize their computer time is a great way to identify issues that occur within the workplace.

And in this post, weíll explain the top four ways that companies monitor behavior. To get the most out of this guide, make sure you find the monitoring technique that suits your organization the best.

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In most work environments, employers can physically visit your workstation and monitor your current tasks. Video surveillance is a method used accurately monitor employees behavior. Using strategically placed cameras can record, watch, and archive daily computer usage.

There are some high-end surveillance systems where you can view employee activity in real time. Workplace cameras are legal in your workplace without notice, but they are illegal in personal areas such as restrooms and locker rooms.

Network Data

Companies use router logs and firewalls to monitor the internet traffic thatís connected to your computer. And network analyzers are used to scan the network for illegal content and determines the offending workstation.

Alternatively, itís possible to monitor requests for Internet data or websites during scheduled times. Most employers use that information to monitor employee behavior and how long theyíve been browsing on the Internet.

Some companies use additional tools packet sniffers to monitor their employees. This tool is used to scan and intercept all information thatís delivered through a network, including file transfers, web browsing, and email communication.


You can use keyloggers as a means of employee computer monitoring software. This software works by recording the letters a user type on their keyboard. Your detailed information and password are recorded by keyloggers.

In fact, its possible for your employees to monitor computer screens via remote monitoring software. Your company can capture screenshots or complete video recordings of all of the activities taking place in your computer without any prior notice.

Electronic Communications

Businesses might legally monitor all of the employee communications using company systems. If youíre using your companyís instant message accounts or system, the communications can be recorded and monitored.

Company email servers are configured to make frequent backups of user data. As a result, your employers can monitor your archived and deleted messages. Information thatís shared via social media or personal blogs is subject to employee monitoring via private organizations.

Government agencies will have to respect employees rights as they are protected by the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution.


To conclude, you have to monitor your employees’ behavior for your company to grow. Doing so will prevent any illegal activity and keep your employees motivated to work correctly. So make sure you get a good monitoring system to ensure that your daily business operations completed.