Four Benefits of Having a Sim Only Deal

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A sim only deal refers to a type of service whereby you insert a sim into your phone and are not tied into one service provider or contract. Traditionally, people would be stuck with very long contracts, in which the tariff remains the same and they are unable to switch until that time was up. Even though some providers offer an exit plan, this often comes with a ridiculously high fee to leave. Luckily, nowadays these sim only option provides a much more economical way for you to use your mobile, for calls, text and browsing the web. We take a look at four of the main benefits of having a sim only phone.

It’s Cheaper

One of the main benefits (and the best) is that a sim only card can work out so much cheaper than a lengthy and often dates contract. Companies as now fighting for your business, and that means much lower rates, particularly when it comes to sim only options plus there are no upfront costs. Many providers offer incredible deals including bundles which feature a free amount of minutes and texts, wifi and even free calls to people on the same network. Soe sim only deal providers offer specials such as unlimited monthly wifi plans not just for England but also for the whole of Europe. This means that you can stay connected on your next holiday and not have to worry about those pesky roaming charges.

One of the best ways to find phone deals with no upfront costs is to use a phone comparison site such as broadband choices. This slick site enables you to search for the best phone plans so that you can score incredible wallet-friendly bargains.

It Gives You Freedom

One of the worst things about contacts is that you are tied to them for anything from a year to three years! Even though they say they give you a free phone, you are often paying so much more for the contract. That’s an awfully long time to be tied down to something – after all a lot can happen in three years, and with things changing so fast there are sure to be better deals to be had than the ones that you’re stuck with.

Sim only deals do give you real freedom to be able to switch providers should you choose to do so. Or even take a time-out from your contract if you want – it’s totally up to you.

Keep Your Phone

mobile sim tech

Another benefit is that you will get to keep your existing phone, so you get a free phone! Some of the other longer phone plans insist that you purchase a new phone in order to get the contract. It can be rather annoying having to switch phones when you really don’t want to, and you may have to spend time backing up and transferring photos, videos, messages and contacts. With a sim only contract you can simply insert the sim into your phone of choice and you are good to go.

No Credit Check

Phone contracts typically mean that you have to go through a process of approval to check your credit history so the phone company know that you are able to pay the bills. This often involves a rather lengthy form to fill out, as well as someone running a history and credit check on you, often in store. Not only can this be pretty embarrassing if you fail the check in a busy phone store but it can also be quite intrusive too. Sometimes people fail these credit checks even when they have good credit, it can just be because of something simple like they have never had a credit card before and therefore don’t meet a minimum test which actually has no relevance to whether they are able to pay the monthly fee.

When you buy a sim-only phone you will often not have to undergo this process. Instead, you will be required to pay a monthly fee, or have a flexible payment option from the get go, without those forms and checks.

These are just a few benefits of having a sim only deal, in fact there are so much more. Why not have a broke and see what plans are available? You never know, you may find yourself a bargain. Happy shopping!