Focus on Education as the Silver Bullet in Technology, the Sciences, and Beyond


With the internet comes a great deal of information that was previously unavailable to us. Previously though, when we needed to know something, we asked around. If we wanted to understand important concepts and go in-depth, we had to take a course to go beyond mere surface details.

Today, the message about education being the silver bullet to many of societyís woes and to improve job prospects, is getting lost in a sea of information lacking real depth. To really know what youíre talking about, thereís still a need to sit down and learn it properly.

Here are a few ways to make that easier and more accessible.


While YouTube might seem like just a place to watch funny cat videos, thereís a thriving community of channels where presenters teach a variety of topics. These can be instructional videos on how to use WordPress, teach your dog a new trick in less than an hour or to learn how to get more followers on Pinterest.

The breadth and depth of topics covered runs the gamut. Not every topic is presented brilliantly, but over time the cream rises to the top. Advancing your knowledge by watching a few video tutorials is a great way to get up to speed on a topic quickly.

Video Courses

If you canít find what you need on YouTube, itís time to consider online courses. These can be full year or multi-year courses from accredited colleges across the country or the latest crop of digital video training websites, like Udemy and Udacity.

The advantage of paying for education rather than delving into YouTube videos is that the courses are properly structured to teach a topic from beginning to end. Youíve not getting short 5-10-minute video clips that are only loosely strung together. Whether you are taking an online course through a college or a pure-play online education startup, youíre acquiring specific knowledge to help your future. You can even sign up just because youíre curious about the subject and wish to delve below the surface of whatís found from a basic Google search.

Doing Your Homework

When youíre getting really interested in a topic, itís a good idea to brush up on some basics before taking the course. Once the course is underway, tracking your progress and getting assistance when youíre hitting stumbling blocks is sensible. Ways to do this online now include private tutors on specific subjects like technology, the sciences, or personal finance. If youíre studying a science-related course, seek out chemistry homework help when you need it, because getting lost on a scientific course is difficult to tackle by yourself.

Learning new things is fun. At least, it should be. A life that never changes feels like the movie Groundhog Day, and it quickly gets tiresome. Whatever subjects youíre interested in, whether technology-based, in the sciences or something else entirely, itís never too late to explore them. Youíll surely have regrets later in life if you donít.