FlieShadow is soon going to launch a desktop app augmenting its Cloud file assurance service

desktop app

Oct 18, 2018- FileShadow is ready to launch its new desktop app. This desktop app which is going to be launched on Nov 15, 2018, will now aggregate the stored files from Apple iCloud and direct attached storage (DAS) in a single cloud vault. This has made FileShadow one of its kind cloud services which catalog the files from almost all the cloud and Mac OS storage. After the launch, Apple users will also become the part of the FileShadow archives- whether it is Mac, iPhone, iPad or any other Apple device, the stored files will be kept secure and accessible with File Shadow cloud service.

FileShadow connects all the cloud accounts and network attached storage (NAS) which makes the file search easy for its users. It supports all the major cloud storage including Box, DropBox, Google Drive, One Drive, Adobe Creative Cloud, and Drobo NAS Appliance and now it has announced to aggregate the files from the iOS cloud too. According to Tyrone Pike, President of the FileShadow, “This is the first archiving system that has included iCloud files into its cloud archive. Our users can now easily search any file from multiple cloud storage from one catalog.”

FileShadow works by aggregating the files from multiple cloud storage to protect them in a single and easily accessible cloud vault. It creates an extensive and searchable metadata for each of the file which is added to it. It also discovers the location associated with the file along with its content which makes the search process very convenient. For the PDFs, it executes Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and for the files containing images and graphics, a machine learning (ML) generated vision tags are created.  This unique service from the File Shadow allows its user to perform the powerful file analysis and discovery in an easy manner. Pike said, “File shadow is one of the first to bring the machine learning to the mass market through the Google API.”

FileShadow cloud service is unique in its sense because it can automatically archive every change that its users make in the stored files. Additionally, the FileShadow cloud service is offering eleven 9’s durability which ensures that there is almost little to no chance of losing the data. FileShadow has also eased the process of searching – locating and retrieving a file from multiple cloud storage is easier with this FileShadow cloud service.

The user interface of the app is very simple and easy to use. Users have to simply sign in with the app and need to add all their cloud and NAS accounts with the FileShadow. With the typical ingestion rate of 3 GB per hour, FileShadow will automatically collect and protect the files of its users. Another great feature of the FileShadow cloud service is that all the files that are in transit are secured and encrypted with 256-bit AES and then they are stored in the Google data centers from where they can easily be downloaded.

FileShadow also allows its users to narrow down the search by its advanced filtering options like date, the source of the file, file type, and its geolocation. Additionally, FileShadow also offers its users to download or share the searched file by emailing the link created by it. FileShadow scans the files that the user has downloaded or restored to the cloud storage. It notifies when the file is infected and gives the option to its user to stop the downloading of the infected files altogether.

FileShadow service is free of cost for up to the storage of 10GB and it offers unlimited revision tracking along with virus scanning in its free plan. For the businesses with document-intensive needs, FileShadow offers two plans one of which provides additional storage per month.

It is worth noting that just a few months back FileShadow partnered with Wasabi, a hot cloud storage company. With this partnership the small businesses like photographers, creators and agencies will have the option to use the file processing and cloud storage system which fits best for their needs. The partnership offers the user to choose from wasabi hot cloud storage, Google cloud storage or IBM cloud object Storage. Now iOS cloud storage is also added in the list.

FileShadow cloud service recently demonstrated its multi-cloud ML solutions in Google’s NEXT conference where the search engine giant gave insights into the future of the cloud storage along with its interaction with multi-cloud solutions. Technologies that are offered by FileShadow are definitely going to help the companies in managing their data stored in the cloud storage.