Five-Something Special Occasions To Send Flowers (Other than birthday, anniversaries and Mother’s Day)

flower bouquet

“Just living is not enough… one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.” Hans Christian Andersen

Flowers are proof that there is still some hope left for mankind. With blooms around, everything seems to be all right. Be it a birthday, an anniversary or a special occasion such as Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day, flowers seem to be the only option! They fit the bill in every aspect- they convey the feels, they are pocket-friendly and they can do a whole lot good by bringing a smile on your special someone’s face. Sending a bunch of flowers to someone you, love doesn’t really need an occasion. While we all know the occasions when one can send wishes, blessings and warmth in the form of flowers safely,  there are a few times when the wholesomeness of flowers can change perceptions and compel one to look at the sunny side of life!

Let creativity bloom and blossom

Flowers can help them cheer up when they aren’t feeling as bright and productive as they usually are.  If you are facing a writer’s block or getting the feels that ‘bloom is off the rose,’ rekindle the romance with your work with a bunch of fresh flowers. Adding the visual stimulation of flowers to the gloomy landscape of an office or home space can help you to become creative, focused and attentive.  And it is not mere talks! A study was carried out in two different classrooms and it was established that students were more cheerful, intuitive and attentive in the class, which use the flowers for decoration.

Just like that

When in doubt, send them flowers. You don’t need to think twice about sending flowers to your loved ones. If your loved ones living in India and you are far away from them and you are missing them, feeling sorry for your goof up or want to thank you for supporting you, then you can send flowers online; because flowers are an ultimate way to tell them that how they mean the world to you! Many florists provides sameday flowers delivery online in India.

Show some love…to yourself

Easier said than done. We are living in times when we are derided for our imperfections.  People, behind the screen, often don’t care about your struggles, virtues or you as a person. While you don’t owe them anything, it becomes too much to absorb sometimes.If those internet trolls or real life hustling are getting on your nerves, gift yourself some flowers to rejoice in a better company. C’mon, you deserve it – just like your spa dates, a night out with your friends or a shopping spree!

A cause for a concern

Can we show enough care and concern to our elderly and folks that aren’t exactly in the pink of health? If your colleague or mentor at work is recuperating after an illness, send them flowers to cheer them up and surround them with some beautiful colours and positivity! Stay in a hospital can sap energy and can be quite a gloomy experience. A fresh flower bouquet can help them look up and infuse them with energy! However, if you are dropping flowers at a hospital, it is always recommended to check with the hospital if they allow flowers in the hospital wing.  Also, you would like to be aware of any allergies on the recipient’s part or you can stick to allergy-free plants like lucky bamboo, cacti and many more!

Make someone’s day

Your colleague was passed over for a promotion. Your friend is upset because she didn’t get the dream job.  Your best friend is feeling so down lately because of confrontations in personal life. “So, what can I do here?” you ask.  Lend your ears and shoulders, maybe.  And if that feels like overstepping the boundaries, send flowers with your best wishes! Flowers have mood-lifting and stress-busting properties, something that they can really use at such time.