Five Gifts for Dads that Love Music

Best gift for dad

Fatherís Day is right around the corner, which means itís time to find your father the perfect gift. If your dad spends his Saturday afternoons strumming his six string, playing the keys, banging on the drums, writing corny songs or listening to his beloved vinyl records – then treat your father right this year and check out these Fatherís Day gifts for your music loving dad!

1. Utopia Be by Focal America

If your father is a music lover and a car lover – then he needs top of the line car audio equipment for infinite bliss on the way to work. This is where Focalís Elite Series Utopia Be car audio speakers. Some see Focal as the Apple of audio systems because every product they release are truly the highest quality and much like Apple changed the way people talk to one another, Focal America has changed the way people listen to music. With that said, the Utopia Be speakers completely redefine the acoustic listening experience. This is a 2-way high-end speaker system with two 6-Ĺ inch woofers, two 3 inch midrange speakers, 2 tweeters, one external crossover and two woofer grillers. With this set up, everything in your dadís car will sound balanced, pure and perfectly detailed!

2.† Boss RC-3 Loop Station Pedal

If your father loves to play guitar, this little gadget will take his skills to a whole new level. Loop pedals allow you to record your own riffs, and loop them over each other while playing a different riff over it. Loop pedals create many layers to music that challenges the musician to think more creatively and create complex sounds. The Boss RC-3† can store 99 loops and play 3 hours of recording time. It is the most reliable, affordable and highest quality loop pedal out there! Your dad will surely have fun with this little gadget. With loop pedals, the possibilities are endless when it comes to making music!

3. Crosley Bluetooth Jukebox

What music loving dad wouldnít appreciate their very own jukebox in their house?! If your dadís heart belongs in the 50s, then this is the perfect gift for him. This bluetooth jukebox by Crosley keeps all the beauty and vintage feel of the original jukebox while also incorporating modern technology. This bluetooth enabled jukebox will allow you to play songs from your iPhone or tune into the FM/AM radio. Plus, if your dad has his old CDs laying around, you can stick a few of his favorite in the front-loading CD player. This is a super fun, nostalgic gift that any music enthusiast would love. Of course, there arenít many of these being made anymore, so donít be alarmed by the expensive price tag!

4. Rega Planar 1

Does your dadís old, dusty turntable need some updating? Or perhaps he has always wanted a vinyl collection, but never got around to starting one? Treat your dad and get him the Rega Planar 1 turntable. Itís modern and design will make any vinyl enthusiast drool. Not only does it look amazing, but itís affordable, convenient and generates impeccable sound quality. Itís easy to use and set up, and has a manual speed changer that is fun to play around with! Not to mention, this turntable has an absolutely stunning, simple design with a pearly white base and jet black details. Listening to vinyl is a special experience any music lover will understand. Finding and digging out old records will be a perfect way for your dad to reconnect with his favorite tunes!

5. Mighty Music Player

Does your dad hike, run, or kayak? Then this gift is perfect for him. Remember the iPod shuffle? The Mighty Music Player plays your favorite Spotify music, on the go, without a phone or any type of internet connection! Your dad can leave his phone in the car while he embarks on adventure. Then, he can clip Mighty to his shorts or shirt, and have hours and hours of music or podcasts with him while heís out and about!† You can listen to Mighty through bluetooth headphones or your standard wired headphones. It can store up to 1,000 songs offline, and can sync the songs straight from your phone. Itís drop-proof and water resistant. Plus, keeping all of his favorite songs on the Mighty it will save tons of room on his phone!Itís the perfect little device for your dadís who love music but arenít good with technology, are super active, or just love having easy access to music everywhere they go.


These are the perfect gifts for any music loving dad! Much of our modern technology in the music industry pleasantly mix together nostalgia and high quality sounds that will forever keep the oldest beats sounding more alive than ever. Treat your father this fatherís day with some new high- end car speakers, a fancy new turntable, a brand new juke box, a loop pedal for their six string or the newest and simplest offline music player on the market. With these gadgets, heíll have an unforgettable fathers day!

What are your best fathers day gifts for the music loving dad? Leave us a comment with your thoughts in the section below.