How to Find Free Gift Cards and Other Promotions on the Web

Free Gift Cards

The Internet is full of stuff that you can find and use for free. If you believe this is a hassle, you’re very wrong. Finding gift cards, cashbacks, and other promotions is easier than you might think. So, if you’re running on a tight budget and you want to use your money smarter, here are some tips on how to do it online.

Follow Companies on Social Media

Almost every successful company nowadays has a few social media profiles. Whether you follow their pages on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you might be in for some gift cards and discounts. Use Twitter Parties and embed certain company hashtags into your posts to get free gift cards. Some might require for you to log in or make an account on their website, but it’s still a relatively hassle-free way to get a good offer.

Gamble for Free

Online casino websites use different promotions and bonus programs to lure new customers in. You too can try playing casino games or wagering on sports without even having to deposit any money. There are a bunch of no wagering sites on the web, while some of them offer extra money once you make your first deposit. Be careful though and read the terms and conditions of every bonus in detail.

Fill Out Online Surveys

One of the most common ways to get gift cards for a bunch of different things is by doing online surveys. We know that these surveys might be boring for you to fill out, but most of them are not that long and it will take you only a couple of minutes to complete them. Harris Poll Online, for example, can reward you with gift cards from Amazon, iTunes, Starbucks, and other famous brands. If you want a little more, you can do surveys for money on several websites as well. Swagbucks, OnePoll, and Ipsos are only some of the most popular options.

Do Test Driving

If you own a valid driver’s license and wish to buy a car for yourself, there are several ways you can get gift cards from car dealerships. One way is to include yourself in their test-driving programs. Take one of their cars for a spin and you will be notified each time there’s an opportunity for a good purchase. You can also earn money this way, as some car companies pay their testers.

Become a Mystery Shopper

If you never heard of the term mystery shopping before, here’s a quick overview of what it is. A mystery shopper can be described as a sort of a tester for a particular company. The company will instruct the shopper to make a purchase and report back with the experience he or she had with the product. The rewards could be in the form of a gift card, but sometimes you might also get to keep the product you were testing.

Earn Points

Apart from surveys, you can do a bunch of other things online that can earn you loyalty points which you can later use to buy gift cards. By making an account on the MyPoints website, you can apply for reading emails, searching the web, and do a bunch of other easy stuff for points. You can do the same with shop cards. Get a card from your local shop and earn points every time you buy something. Once you collected enough, you can turn your points into money and use it in the store.

Transfer Medicine Prescriptions

Many pharmacies offer coupons for when you become a member on their website. You can also be eligible for gift cards if you transfer your prescriptions to a new pharmacy online. Walgreens, Safeway, and CVS offer such programs, among others. As certain medicine you might require can be really expensive, these promotions can be extremely useful. These gift cards usually have the value of between $25 and $100.

Watch Ads and Other Videos

If watching videos online is already a part of your daily routine, you might as well get something in return from it. For the most part, the content you’ll be watching will consist of ads, but there are also movie trailers, TV shows, and other stuff. You can even get paid by watching YouTube videos via the Paid2YouTube website, where you can also pay for your video to get more views.


These are only some of the ways that can help you get gift cards, promotions, or actual cash. Try using the websites we mentioned and start saving your money on shopping.

Image Credits: Free Gift Cards from venimo /Shutterstock