How to Find a Roommate in a New City

A few things about how to find a roommate in a new city will make your palms sweat. First, will you reach someone who adores cats as much as you do? Second, will they appreciate your commitment to “F.R.I.E.N.D.S.” and how irregularly you leave your room for anyone but the amazon man?

Sometimes your worries are even worse: Will you be protected, and will your new roommate spend their half of the rent? So the initial thing you should consider when scanning for a roommate is to turn to social media. There’s no skepticism about it– getting someone to synchronize with is a stressful and tiresome task.

However, there are ways to make it easier and ensure you are secure and happy in your latest apartment. So, before you drive in the towel and decide to survive in your parents’ basement instead, check out a few of these plans and go forth:

Sound the Social Bells

Think of FB, Twitter, and Insta as big bulletin boards to post your classified ads. Inform your friends and family which town you’re moving to and when you’re expecting to leap and be ready for the messages to roll in. That’s the virtue of the Internet — your message will spread across the whole country into countless people’s circles. One way to grow your social media search even further? Please put an announcement in your post requesting friends and family to share your post on their pages too. If no one in your club of friends is working to gain a roommate in your city, someone in your ex-lab partner’s might be.

Facebook and various social media sites make it straightforward to connect with like-minded people. For example, assume you’re a part of a book group or activity group on Facebook, post on the group page that you’re seeking a roommate in a new city. Of course, Facebook groups aren’t always local, but you can extend your reach and find a connection in your new place of residence.

Check with Local Church Group

Are you part of a church group? If so, this can be an extraordinary place to find a roommate in a new city. You can ask somebody at the church if they recognize anyone seeing for a roommate, or you can ask to be connected to church leaders established in the new city, and they can improve put-out feelers for you. If nothing else, you can have a church group to connect with once you land in your new city.

Take Tips From Tinder

There are tonnes of sites out there that will improve match you to potential roommates based on your habits, preferences, age, and personality, just like online dating websites will. Having a roommate is a description of like embarking into a spiritual marriage — personality traits and habits are essential to consider before you take the plunge, and it’s not perpetually a big idea to live with someone you’re previously friends with anyway.

Not sure which sites to check out? Try uroomsurf.com, roomiematch.com, roommates.com, or roomidex.com. You’ll be able to chat with possible roommates for a while before getting any commitments, and if nothing else, you’ll gain some new friends traveling to the twin city as you.

Join School’s Alumni Networks

Another great way to obtain a roommate is through your school’s alumni interface, especially if you’ve calibrated relatively recently. Most schools will possess an alumni Facebook page restricted to big cities across the country, and this is a fabulous place to post. You can also forget a note on your college’s alumni LinkedIn page, tweet at your alumni organization’s Twitter account, or email the coordinator asking for a shout-out in the following newsletter.

If you were included in any comprehensive organizations in college, ensure to connect with them as well. Sports teams, fraternities, and other clubs usually have an excellent social reach and members in many towns all across the nation.

Get Repetitive

Think of how several people you interact with every day– if you put every one of them that you were endeavoring a roommate, you’d be stunned by how many would appreciate a friend-of-a-friend scanning for one, too. It can seem repetitive– and annoying– to bring it up so regularly in everyday conversation. Still, it will determine your net even more comprehensively and is an invaluable approach when you’re attempting to gain a roommate.

Get Nice Stranger 

Regardless of how you obtain your new roommate, make sure you take all the required steps to ensure they’re good to access for you. Beyond conversing about your budgets, personalities, and interests, you want to ensure they’re safe to live with, spend their bills on time, and are soliciting the very roommate relationship you are.

Obtaining a background check might look like overkill, but it’s not a poor idea. Verify their social media pages, Google their titles, and ask how much they’re expecting to hang out. You may be watching for a new best friend, but if they only need someone to coexist with, you’ll end up somewhat disappointed.

Ensure to consider how you plan on dividing your bills, how reliable your times at work are, and how much privacy you expect. Finding a roommate in a new city isn’t tricky in the beautiful era of technology we live in, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s safe.


Acknowledge subletting from someone in your brand-new city. It enables you to rent a room from someone who has already settled into an apartment instead of finding a roommate and a new apartment when you move to a new city. It is an excellent way to have a “soft entry” into a city. You can check out the neighborhood and apartment complex, ensure it works for you and take a little more time vetting roommates when you move into another place.

One word of advice: If you don’t notice someone immediately, don’t freak out. Like a full-bodied cabernet, these matters take time.