Few Interesting Facts about Marketing


Marketing has changed over all these years. Long gone are the days when advertising and marketing used to be only through the traditional channels. Now, it is offline through television, print, radio, press, and online through the internet via online shops, mailers, contests, sponsorships, posters, clothes, events, colors, sounds, visuals and even people such as brand ambassadors. There are also other offline advertising channels like hoardings, direct selling through shops.

A quick search on the Google will give you a fast fact that according to the EY– FICCI FRAMES report 2019 that goes by the name ‘A Billion Screen of Opportunities’, digital advertisement spends have increased by 34% to comprise 21% of the total advertisement market.

With such an increase in the spends, comes a lot of dilemmas. And with the presence of so many channels for the businesses to communicate with their consumers, it is going to be difficult. The world of advertisement has indeed become challenging. But we are here to help.

This article will give you the highlights of the dilemmas in advertising and marketing that you, as a marketer might come across in the year 2019.

1.     Increased use of digital advertisements.

While digital advertisements have been useful for a lot of marketers, especially influencers online, it has been a dilemma for several others. Like mentioned above how digital ads have increased by 34%, you will be surprised to know that YouTube and gb instagram apk, as monitored by TAM AdEX, is the largest platform for digital advertising with over 21% of digital advertisement insertions in the last year. Other studies, surveys, and reports also claim that approximately 56% of the advertisement insertions and value were on 4% desktop, and 44% on mobile. It is being said that mobile advertising share will exceed desktop in the year 2019. The growth is expected to go over 40%. You can very well imagine the rate of increase this year, now.  

2.     The presence of lots of channels to reach the target market.

The next dilemma that shall be a dark cloud for marketers is the presence of truckloads of channels to choose from to advertise. While some marketers might think of the traditional above the line channels to be an appropriate fit, others might think of digital advertisements to fit better for their brand/ business. Be it whatever; the results have to matter. In case there are no returns for all the price they have spent on the campaigns, they are doomed.

3.     Spending money on the A&P campaigns and getting no returns.

Who said all creatively produced and well-put ad campaigns always fetch good results. Your team has been working the entire time; day and night on the ad campaign, putting all their thoughts to use and brainstorming, but why isn’t any return coming from the campaigns? Why isn’t anyone responding to your brand/ business campaigns? There can be a lot of reasons. Maybe, your consumers weren’t able to relate to your brand’s campaign, or the advertisement doesn’t appeal to them at all, so they are running away. There can be a million other reasons as well.   

How to fix all of it?

We won’t say it’s super simple! It isn’t. But we will say if you rationalize and budget your channels, choose the right attribution model (a channel to which your conversions are assigned) for your conversions and figure out the right path length (the times a user interacted on your site to complete a final conversion) of your advertisement, your brand will be sorted for life.

Marketers are also recommending online peer communication and vouching on crowd advertising. With this, you as a marketer will be able to spread your brand message by peer communication, making an astounding increase in your response rate. We can even back this up with research by Nielson that says, “33% of consumers said they trust paid advertisements, but an astounding 92% trust peers recommendations.”