Few Apps you don’t want to miss.

When it comes to growing affinity of users towards apps, the scenario has changed drastically. By 2020, this market will reach the worth of around $100 billion, and by next year, people would have downloaded a whopping number of 147 billion apps.

These apps have become part of people’s lifestyle, most of them even download the apps that they might not use. However, the apps like Facebook or health-related apps, there are a huge number of apps that make the life of the users easily manageable and streamlined. Here we have discussed seven best apps that are quite useful and will surely make your life full of fun, entertainment and manageable.

1. Prisma – iOS | Android

Prisma came out on the market in this summer which has caused a huge splash with over 10 million downloads in less than five weeks. This app targeted the photo obsessed people from around the world. This app allows you to convert your images into an art form. It also recreates the photos from the beginning along with making them look like paintings from various known painters the world has seen.

This app is available at free of cost, and it comes with a wide range of great filters and effects.

2. CheatSheet - iOS

We all have faced a particular situation where we forget our passwords and can recall them easily. This thing becomes more problematic as we use a number of usernames and passwords while surfing the internet that it becomes tough to remember the correct combination. In this dilemma, CheatSheet comes into action. This app is perfect for storing your small information such as usernames and passwords on a daily basis. This also makes easy accessibility with notification pulldown. You can also use this app when you have to store details of addresses or flight details. This app comes with the option to access the info even with Apple Watch. This takes away the daily hassles of remembering small bits of information and opting for the correct one when it comes to access the digital world.

This app’s best feature is its 118 hint icons which allow you to find almost everything and the best part is that this app is free of cost.

3. Duolingo - iOS | Android

If you wish to learn any foreign language, Duolingo is the perfect solution for you. This app provides you with the ability to learn Spanish, German, Italian, French and various other languages without spending a dime. It became Apple’s App of the year as it became a great platform to learn foreign languages with fun.

Its cartoon artwork is quite alluring, mostly because of the animals. The best part, this app is also free of cost.

4. 1 Second Everyday: Video Diary - iOS | Android

We all know that are daily life has become a roller coaster. To remember all the details and keeping reminders for each day, this app comes into the picture. It’s a minimalist video diary which provides you a window on the timeline of your life. This app has been downloaded over 1.5 million times across 72 nations,

Its best feature is that it provides you multiple “timelines” so that you can have a different diary for friends, children or even your food. This app will cost you £3.99.

5. The app which was known as H__r - iOS | Android

We all are aware of apps that allow us to put filters on images but this app which was used to be called H__r, do the same with sounds. It turns various sounds into music, and you can also record your family members and friends making them great singers. It also provides you the option to pick out the conversations with others by clearing background white noise.

Its best feature is its wide range of auto-tune which are available to convert and transform voices. This app is also free of cost.

6. Nasa - iOS | Android

We all have one of those periods of time when we wished we were astronauts and today you have NASA’s own app which will definitely make you feel like an astronaut. You can join this space agency and become part of its missions with inside details of those missions. You can also watch videos and stunning images of the various entities in the space. You can also get the latest information and news on different launches, can follow countdown of the rocket launching, dwell into the start clusters, and you can also track various satellites. It also provides a live feed of International Space Station (ISS) of the earth. It also comes with its own app.

You can also download space related phone wallpapers via this app. This app comes without costing you any money.

7. Flotsm - iOS | Android

Flotsm is one of the best places to ask your questions anonymously and get the answer the queries of strangers. With this app, you can question any users with anything no matter how trivial the question is. You can ask any sort of questions and even answer the strangers too. It also provides a great platform to know the feasibility of any solution by asking questions and getting votes from the strangers who will surely reduce the dilemmas we face in our day-to-day life.

By using this app, you can type in any random keywords in the search which comes up with few of the best questions and queries. What’s best in this app? Well, it is also free of cost.

With this, we end our list of top 7 apps that you should try to make your life full of fun, make your daily decisions and solutions easy along with managing your life. In case you have used any of these apps, then don’t forget to let us know about your reviews and experiences You can also leave your views and suggestions in the comment section below.