Fax Plus: Next Nearest To Physical Fax Machine


Fax.Plus is a top-notch service offering a free tier, flexible pricing, and excellent mobile apps. It even achieves features such as document signing and fax scheduling. Instead of exploring the nearest physical fax machine the next time you require to send a fax, contemplate using an online fax service.


Fax.Plus is one of the services with a free contribution. Prominently, it allows you to send, but not receive, faxes. With this tier, you can transfer a total of 10 sheets free, while additional sheets cost 20 cents each. This free tier helps electronic signatures, multiple recipients, and the use of the mobile app. You can obtain more sheets for free by inviting people to sign up for Fax.Plus. International faxing prices are yet another cost you need to consider with an online fax service. Fax.Plus structured to international standards. Instead of valuing an extra fee per sheet for international recipients, Fax.Plus, it reduces an equivalent number of sheets from the monthly allocation.

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Sign Up 

To get commenced with Fax.Plus, all you require to provide is your name, email address, and password. Before you can begin using the service, Fax.Plus requires to enter a phone number to verify your account. Fax.Plus notably recommends two-factor authentication. You can also fix the biometric login choice on mobile devices.

Fax.Plus allows both an Android app and an iPhone app. It is preferred online fax services with dedicated mobile apps, making it more comfortable to accomplish fax-related tasks from a device you forever have with you. Fax.Plus, newly released add-ons for Gmail and Google Drive, too, permit you to send faxes from those web apps quickly.

Flexible pricing                                               toolDocument signing
Excellent mobile apps and web interface       mobile appsOnly available on
Useful free version
Two-factor authentication


Fax.Plusís Basic plan requires just $5.99 per month for 100 pooled pages, which gives it the cheapest service. If you exceed your limit, Fax.Plus charges you an average fee of 10 cents per sheet. You can preserve money by subscribing to the yearly payment plan, which brings the equivalent monthly cost down to $4.99. The $11.99-per-month Premium plan allows 300 pooled sheets, and the overage fee reduces to 5 cents per sheet. The $19.99-per-month Business plan offers 800 sheets per month, support for up to five team members, and the facility to integrate with Slack.

Web Interface

Fax.Plusís web interface is clear and attractive, though it has a less sophisticated look and feels against its counterparts. 

Add contact

Fax.Plus divides its faxing features across four primary tabs: Archive, Contacts, Send Fax, and Profile. In the upper-right-hand edge, you can access the aid resources and contact data for the firm. The Help Centerís search bar makes it simple to find specific help issues with clear language information.

Fax From the Web or Email

To transfer fax from the web, you must select a contact or type in the 11-digit phone number. You can attach a text note or an attachment (up to 20MB in total file size) at this platform. Fax.Plus, later combined the ability to incorporate a cover sheet with your Faxóa feature that was strangely missing.

As for advanced alternatives, you can schedule when your Fax sent and configure the message to retry sending automatically, should it initially fail. One helpful characteristic is the ability to email a recipient a PDF copy of the Fax.

Compose Fax

Suppose you want to use an existing email service to assign fax, Fax.Plus can do that, too. To write the email, write the destinationís fax number with country code followed by ď@fax.plus.Ē To include a note, fill out the title line for the email. You can add an attachment in the same method you would do for any other email.

Faxing via Phone

Fax.Plus gives the best mobile apps of all the online fax assistance. The design seems just as clean and consistent as the web interface. Fax.Plusís effort feels more cohesive and stable. 

Android App

Fax.Plusís app is segmented into three divisions: Archive, Send Fax, and Profile. Everything else runs the same as it does on the web interface, which is a good thing. That said, only Fax.Plusís mobile apps support document-signing and check mark-adding features. To get started, open the fax and tap the Sign Document icon in the upper-right-hand corner of the screen.

Draw Signature

It has renewed its processing engine. The service now offers you choose whether to optimize text or illustrations in fax before you send it. It is favoured to make this selection for individual attachments rather than for the entire Fax. Fax.Plusís processed document maintained all the gradient details in the graphic and didnít mess up the text, though there were grid-like artefacts in the darker background area.


The act of faxing is by no means elegant, mainly because it involves the hassle of maintaining a fax machine or paying to use one. Fax.Plus mitigates those inherent inconveniences. Its price is low, and it offers intuitive web and mobile apps. Fax.Plus gives plenty of fax number options and tools for signing documents.