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send fax from iphone

There are times when you just have to fax. Fortunately, there are ways to fax from iPhone and attach a document for your recipient. Your iPhone doesn’t come with built-in fax, rather you need an online fax service to start faxing.

Online fax services make it possible to fax a document from your iPhone. The most reliable services give you a free trial period. Besides the multitude of online fax services that support the iPhone, few deliver trustworthy service.

In this article, we are going to show you how you can fax from iPhone using a trusted online fax service.

1. CocoFax – Converts your iPhone into a premium fax machine

As the leader in online fax service, CocoFax allows you to send fax and attachments online. Feel free to use this resource from Google Fax Free to know how CocoFax works.


Millions of users trust and use CocoFax to send both local and international fax. For more details on how to fax from iPhone check out this CocoFax guide. CocoFax has attracted the attention of media outlets like Forbes.

With CocoFax, you have unparalleled online fax service for your iPhone. Above all, this online fax service is not limited to iPhone or iOS devices, it is even compatible with computers.

1.1 What should you expect from CocoFax?

CocoFax is a reliable online fax service with multiple features and capabilities. Below are some of them:

Reliable and reputable

Fax is often used in professional communication so reliability is necessary. To ensure you don’t have to worry if your fax has been delivered, CocoFax provides notifications.


CocoFax sends you delivery report for each sent or received faxes. You will know when a fax is successfully sent and even get a failure report when not delivered. So, with CocoFax, you will be up to update with every fax.

Versatile and multiplatform support

CocoFax is a versatile online fax service compatible with virtually any platform. For instance, you can use your tablet, phone and computer regardless of the operating system. So, you can fax from any device.

CocoFax lets you fax a document on your CocoFax dashboard using a web browser. Its web-based feature makes it accessible on other devices besides iPhones.

Fast, safe and secure

This online fax service uses the best security protocols to ensure your fax document is safe. CocoFax encrypts your fax to avoid prying eyes from accessing it. All this is automated on this platform.

Best of all, you get to fax a document instantly without waiting to access a traditional fax machine. What’s more, you get to fax from anywhere at your own convenient time.

2. Faxing from iPhone using CocoFax

Although iPhone and fax are two technologies from different eras, the two come together using CocoFax. The online fax service converts your iPhone into a high-end fax machine.

Smartphones are transforming how people and business communicate. So, with CocoFax, you can still fax a business without owning a physical fax machine.

To send a fax from your iPhone, you need the following:

  • iPhone connected to the internet
  • CocoFax account
  • Fax number

With these in place there different ways you can fax using an iPhone.

Here are the steps involved when sending a fax using CocoFax

Step 1: On your iPhone, sign up for a CocoFax account on the official website. You will get a 30-day free trial and free custom fax number.

Step 2: Depending on the platform, follow the guideline below:

  • On your CocoFax dashboard, click ‘New Fax’ button. On the pop-up window, provide your recipient fax number in the ‘To’ field. Also, if necessary add a note in the ‘Subject’ field.

Then draft a cover page in fax body. Also, you will even be able to attach documents from your iPhone. Once you are done, click Send.

Rather than providing an email address in the ‘To’ field, provide the recipient fax number then add @cocofax.com. It should look like this 123467@cocofax.com.


Next, add a note in the ‘Subject’ field. Now, create the cover page for your fax and attach a document from your iPhone. When done, click Send.

CocoFax will receive and translate the email into fax before forwarding it using your fax number. That’s it!

CocoFax will send you a delivery notification with each sent fax even when it is not delivered.

Conclusion Follow the guide above to know how you can fax a document from your iPhone. CocoFax has all the tools necessary for sending a fax from iPhone instantly.