Fast Fax Facts: Faxing Has Never Been Easier Than It Is Now

Faxing has been reconstructed many times and is still extensively used today. At the commencement of the 20th centenary, the AT&T Corporation introduced fax technology by transmitting pics via wire transmission. The Radio Corporation of America (RCA) successfully shared wireless fax beyond the Atlantic Ocean shortly after. Nevertheless, it wasn’t till decades following that the Xerox Corporation introduced the first modern-day, commercialized fax machine.

Across the past 75 years, fax transmission has reduced from an average of six minutes to one minute. As a result, the classic “fax machine” of the 1980s cost $20,000 in 1982! has also grown obsolete, and faxes are now routinely sent from computers, smartphones, or tablets. eFax has paved the way for the 21st century of faxing with the convenience of online fax. Click a photo of your record and digitally sign the fax directly on your iOS or Android device, then send it along to everywhere in the world with the tap of a button.

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If there’s one creativity that is serving from the corridor of time, it’s the fax machine. Invented in 1843 by Alexander Bain, the first fax machine was a distant cry from the compressed fax machines we know today. In extension, the image quality was poor, and communications were minor than suitable.

Regarding the technology at the time, though, this was to be demanded. Bain used “oscillators” and a “clock” to synchronize and catch images on a line-by-line basis – not precisely an expeditious way of doing things. The pictures were then reproduced, yielding to the first fax. It wasn’t until British physicist Frederick Bakewell advanced on Bain’s original “fax machine” that faxing started to take form – although not at a breakneck pace. Bakewell’s fax machine worked “rotating cylinders” and a “stylus” to devise faxes. It failed to be a runaway hit despite debuting at the 1851 World’s Fair in London to curious stares. Thankfully, Bakewell’s the fax machine served as a blueprint from which other inventors could later draw inspiration.

Timeline of Fax Machine History

1843Mechanical Fax — Alexander Bain developed the ‘Electric Printing Telegraph’ machine in 1843, the world’s premier fax device.1880Scanning PhotoTelegraph — The English creator Shelford Bidwell makes Scanning PhotoTelegraph
machine, the first telefax machine to scan and transmit a two-dimensional picture.1888TelAutograph — the machine was designed by Elisha Grey, which enabled users to transfer signature pictures over large distances.19241. Wire Transmission — Experts at the AT&T Corporation advance fax technology by broadcasting photos by telephone/wire transmission.
2. Wireless Transmission: RCA Radio Corporation of America develops the TransOceanic Radio
3. Facsimile and successfully transmits a photograph between New York and London
4. Color Fax — The AT&T Corporation creates a fax device able to transmit the world’s first color facsimile.
5. 6 mins: It took 6 mins to send one-page fax.1960Satellite Facsimile — The U.S. Army carry the world’s prime photograph through satellite facsimile
from the U.S. to Puerto Rico.1964Telephone Transmission — The leading commercialized variant of the modern-day fax machine is
added and patented by the Xerox Corporation utilizing telephone transmission.19743 mins — It exercised 3 mins to communicate single page fax1982A fax machine cost $20,000. Computer-Based Fax Board: GammaLink introduced the first computer-
based fax cabinet, the GammaFax.1996Internet Fax — The original internet fax service is available worldwide, enabling users to send and
get a facsimile via a computer without fax devices.2010Internet Fax through Apple Gadgets — eFax launches an iOS app, allowing users to fax
undeviatingly from Apple gadgets.2011Internet Fax through Android Devices — eFax propels Android app, allowing users with Android
devices to send faxes.

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