Facebook Live: How to broadcast

The Selfie mania is almost out of fashion. Live streaming is now one of the beset and new way to present yourself to the entire world. No matter if you are using a smartphone or any tablet, your circle of family and friends can now see you in the live audio and video via the Internet.


However, Facebook launched the Facebook Live in the April to its 1.7 billion users, it is quite new to the people.

Facebook Live is a great platform to get an audience who wish to associate themselves with your life. You can live-stream your favorite video portions on Facebook, and you can easily expand your reach and also get regular comments.

How to Do It

All you have to do is open the Facebook app on your own phone or tablet. Then you have to assess your profile and then open the status bar, where you will see “What’s on your mind” prompt and then at its bottom, you have to select “Live Video” option.

In case you haven’t provided Facebook app access to your camera along with a microphone, then there will be a prompt which will ask you to do the same. Although, you have to do this once, not every other moment. After this, you can watch the live preview of your video. That doesn’t mean that you are now broadcasting yourself live across Facebook just yet.


Now you have to select either your rear or front-facing camera by clicking on the switch which is present in the upper-right corner. Using this, you can shoot either in landscape or portrait mode, but your video, in this case, will be a square. Now, you can enter the title and description of the video.

By going to preview page, you can then select your video related privacy settings. After this, you are now settled and van broadcast live. By positioning the camera in the particular direction, you have to tap on the button names “Go Live” which is present in the lower-right corner. A 3-to-1 countdown will appear. With this, you will be streaming live on the Facebook and your video will be mentioned in your News Feed, like any of your other posts.

With the screen split into two, one-half of your phone’s screen will show your video feed along with the number of viewers. While on the other half, you can see comments, likes and find out who are the people watching your video. When you start a live-streaming video, Facebook will create an audience by sending one notification to all of your Facebook Friends. However, it will take some time to build your audience, but that shouldn’t discourage you even if you have few audience.

After you are done with your live-streaming, just tap on “Finish” which will end your broadcast. Your video will be posted to your Profile page or Timeline which others can watch. You can also delete your video by sampling clicking on “Delete.”

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