Extroverts: How to Use Your Personality to Make More Money


The billions of people who inhabit our Earth can be broken up into two very broad personality groups: the introverts and the extroverts.

While introverts tend to be quiet and enjoy being alone more than in big groups, extroverts tend to gain energy from interacting with others and usually have a very outgoing personality.

If you fall into the latter group and consider yourself a major people person, you can use your outgoing personality to your advantage in the business world. Whether you are looking for a new career or a side hustle to bring in some extra cash, you can definitely leverage your friendly personality to succeed in your endeavors. Here’s how:

Careers Options for Extroverts

If you would rather work as part of a team, enjoy speaking with strangers and don’t shy away from others, there are a number of careers that mesh well with your extroverted self. TheBalanceCareers.com lists a number of occupations that are perfect for your outgoing and sunny personality, including working as a sales representative. In this job, you sell products on behalf of wholesalers and manufacturers, and you meet with both new and current clients to go over the product lines and negotiate prices and contracts.

A construction project manager is also a great job for outgoing people like you—because they oversee construction projects, they are in constant contact with architects, property owners, tradespeople, vendors and many others. If you have a knack for helping with weddings, family reunions and graduation parties and are very organized, you might also find that working as an event planner is a great fit for you and your personality. You are in contact with clients and vendors all day long both via phone, text and email and you can plan parties and events for people, businesses and organizations. You also typically get to attend the events you helped to plan, so you can really get to meet and socialize with all sorts of people.

Side Hustles for Your Sunny Personality

If you are happy with your main career but want to moonlight to earn enough money for your next vacation or to pay down debt, use your extroverted personality to your advantage. For example, consider renting a room with Airbnb, driving for Lyft or direct selling for Amway. If you’re wondering “where are home rentals most popular?”, “how much does Lyft pay?” or “what does Amway sell?”, visit the companies’ YouTube channels to not only find the answers, but determine if you’d mesh with each company’s culture.

Embrace Your Friendly Personality

It is nice to know that you can be your outgoing, extroverted self all day long and do quite well in certain jobs or side gigs. While you might cringe at the idea of working in a quiet cubicle, there are a number of jobs and sales positions that would welcome a friendly person like you to their team.

Image Credits: Personality from dizain /ShutterstockPersonality