Extraction: Review

Chris Hemsworth stars in this firmly arranged activity spine chiller about Tyler Rake, a heartlessly effective yet genuinely obstructed mercenary. Hemsworth is entrusted with recouping the high school child of Indian crime lord Ovi Mahajan Sr (Pankaj Tripathi). Ovi Jr (Rudhraksh Jaiswal) is being held prisoner in Dhaka, Bangladesh, by an adversary gang. The rate for disappointment is high; however, it’s not unrealistic. Besides, Rake needs cash, and he has a desire to die. That last thing may have something to do with the foggy flashbacks sprinkled all through the first half of the movie.

Russo’s content moves quickly, yet his villains are one-dimensional. Amir is only a glaring cruel person who has his thugs throw kids off structures when he’s not employing them as executioners. The film’s endeavor to produce compassion toward Rake’s situation falls off like a prospective employee meet-up, as Ovi peppers him with inquiries regarding his past while Hemsworth attempts to be macho and sincerely injured. He nearly pulls it off, as well. This reason for the article is bookended by visits from Gaspar (David Harbor), another mercenary who “owes Rake his life.” Harbor is suitably smarmy, yet his character brings a stunning plot advancement that the script can’t address further.

Here are some critics reviews:

“While the one-take battle sequences are exciting and impressive, the overall story of “Extraction” is a shopworn formula from beginning to end.” By Brian Costello (Common Sense Media).

“The debut feature by Sam Hargrave serves up a barrage of bullets and blown-up cars in a properly global thriller.” By Devika Girish (New York Times).

Powered by the charisma and physicality of its star, this often gruelling action flick does more than enough to suggest that Hemsworth has found his genre, once he hangs up a certain hammer.” By Chris Hewitt (Empire).