How to Extract Audio from Video File Using Audacity

At past, a significant number of our readers requested that how separate sound from video files. So in this article, we will portray how to separate sound from video files utilizing Audacity.

It’s an easy decision really. We had no clue separating sound from video files utilizing Audacity would be so simple. See with your own eyes.


  • Open a video record by going to File – > Open.
  • Again explore to File however this time click Export. Pick the record arrangement to spare the sound to and tap on Save.
  • NOTE: On the off chance that you see a mistake message like, “ABC is a video file, Audacity can’t open such files” at that point consider downloading FFmpeg for Audacity.
  • Explore to Edit – > Preferences – > Libraries and check Allow foundation on-request loading. That ought to be a one-time setting.


Begin changing over the same number of recordings as you like. It’s extremely straightforward and simple. Is it safe to say that it isn’t? You can share more cool Audacity tricks with us in the comment section underneath.

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