Extra Cash in your pocket through Petty ways

Extra Cash in your pocket through petty ways are today’s in thing. Money is top of mind for many people right now. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, and many employees have been laid off. Some have had their hours cut significantly in the past few weeks. Many families have lost their primary income source and have been forced to secure much-needed money to make both ends meet.

Traditional petty jobs such as house cleaning and cooking are in less demand because of social distancing and quarantine guidelines issued in the public interest. But In case you’ve been laid off or working hours slashed, or are looking for extra income for the family, there are many safe ways by which you can earn some handy cash.

We are listing Jobs to make petty Cash during COVID-19.

Online Tutoring

If you have been homeschooling or helping your children in their studies now, you can use your talent in tutoring students of the school with subjects like English, history, mathematics, science, etc. You can tutor in engineering subjects and help future programmers master if you have been in an IT-related job. If English has been a second language and your thing, many online sites allow you to show your talent all over the world.

Handmade Articles

If you are gifted, one with creativity and spends hours creating the perfect handmade card for every birthday or special celebration? Your hobby could make you money. Get an online shop and start selling your products, whether it be greeting cards, watercolor art, jewelry, or embroidered scarves.

Graphic Designing

The creative head can go on becoming a graphic design goddess and can maneuver tedious design projects with ease, and you should list your services online. These sites help connect agencies to specialized individual talent and allow collaboration through video chats and trackable milestones throughout the entire process.

Food Deliveries

Those with the flavor for cooking and dining, they could be a winner with shining armor and provide a large pepperoni pizza and warm, buttery garlic knots to a hungry person in urgent need of home-cooked food. You can even try to become a food delivery driver with services.

Selling Career Expertise

If you have a master course that dishes the best tips and advice in consulting, food, blogging, marketing, job seekers in the field will flock to expertise and are generally willing to pay big bucks for inside industry knowledge. Spread the word online and through email marketing.

Delivering Groceries

Grocery delivery is rising in the ranks. With some online services, you can apply to become an approved Shopper and earn money by providing people’s groceries. Once you complete 30 successful deliveries with some online sites, you can start making around a handsome sum per shipment.


Being a Consultant is a diverse field. You can consult in business, law, marketing, politics—wherever your interests and skills lie, and there’s probably a consulting opportunity. Help business grows by helping them on social media, advising and consulting them on which companies are best for investment, and giving tips on best practices for small business, etc.

Home Nursing

Demand for health specialists, doctors, and nursing staff are increasing right now. It is not necessary to go to hospitals to give your services or take temperatures to make money. Medical credentials, such as an advanced nursing degree or an RN license, can help you earn cash online. Options within telemedicine like virtual clinical research associates, remote diabetic educators, and nursing evaluators can provide you better job opportunities.

Writing Resume

Resumes are a must to get a job, and so resume writers are always in high demand. Formatting and writing client’s resumes ensures their credential stand out in the pool of candidates. Experienced resume writers can make between $100–$400 per resume. Get online to apply to and market yourself.


Anyone can start a podcast. For this, you need only a microphone, a recording app, a host, and a passion for marketing yourself. Start earning money through ads and sponsorships. Apps can match you with sponsors to increase your income and give you some extra cash.

Working in the Yard

For this, you have to go outside, get your hands dirty, especially during allergy season as people look for help in their yard to mow the lawn, getting rid of pesky weeds, tending to the garden, etc. List your services and rates online to market yourself the old-fashioned way by gluing flyers in your neighborhood street.

Babysitting with Stringent Rules

You can enquire about your neighborhood for babysitting as long as everyone involves the risks. You must abide by all local regulations and safety measures. Your safest bet is forming an isolation pod with a family you already know and trust after you have been in isolation. You can also offer virtual babysitting—scheduled chats over video calls so parents can get some work done—if that’s outside your comfort zone.