Experts Guide to Choosing a Fancy Brown Diamond

Brown Diamond

Diamonds are everyone’s best friend. Their radiance and beauty add to their allure. Although many people think of the traditional colourless diamonds, coloured or Fancy Coloured Diamonds, as they are known, are gaining more and more popularity. Today, we will be looking at one of these beautiful coloured diamonds, the brown diamond.

Let’s jump in.

What is a brown diamond?

Brown diamonds are real diamonds and although not rare are still popular and in demand. They are also the most affordable than any other diamond purchase. For example, look at the chart below and you can easily see why so many people are choosing brown diamonds:

1 carat colourless diamond with high ratings in clarity, colour, and cut will run you around $5,000. A brown diamond, on the other hand, will come in at ½ that albeit for the same quality and weight.

Like all diamonds, the intrinsic value is based on demand. Brown diamonds are a unique purchase choice making their cost lower. This also means that is important you know how to choose a good coloured diamond.

Grading a Diamond

For fancy coloured diamonds unlike colourless, the most important grading scale to look at its colour.  When it comes to a colourless diamond, colour is one of the famous 4 C’s. Cut, clarity, and carat are all a factor. For coloured diamonds, cut and clarity are nearly irrelevant but the colour is imperative.

Brown diamonds can appear pink. This is because of secondary tones found within fancy coloured diamonds. The more intense the colour the more expensive it will be. So if you view a very light diamond that appears pink it is more likely to be a brown diamond than a pink one.


Like colour diamonds, fancy brown diamonds for sale must be certified by a gemological standard that is accepted. The most famous is probably the GIA, which rates diamonds on each critical aspect. This certificate bears relevance for pricing as well as investment for resale value.

Unfortunately, there are dishonest people out there, so always carefully research your diamond dealer and ask to see certifications for each and every diamond. Carefully review the certificate to determine your diamond is a winner and not a dud.

Brown diamonds will also cost more if they are branded like the famous Le-Vian Chocolate Diamonds.

Jewellery Choice for Brown Diamonds

Brown diamonds, like all fancy coloured diamonds, offer a secondary colour as well. The rarer the secondary colour the more valuable and expensive the diamond. Pink is a very rare fancy colour so a brown diamond with pink as a secondary colour will cost you more money. Alternatively, you can get a beautiful ring or another piece of jewellery that has more common secondary colours, such as champagne.

Astteria offers a wide range of fancy brown diamonds for sale. Some of my favourites include the jaw-dropping 25-carat earrings that feature colourless diamonds and some beautiful secondary colours as well.

If you are looking to create a beautiful gift for yourself or others, choose a rich coloured brown diamond and pair with other diamonds. Choose an attractive setting and Astteria can find the perfect piece for you.

Wrap Up

If you are looking to add to your diamond collection, fancy coloured diamonds are a treat. Each one offers its own natural shade and variety of colour. The fancy brown diamond is truly a unique choice. You can select brown diamonds as lovely accents to your colourless diamond jewellery or go bold and have the brown diamond be the centrepiece.  Always check for legitimate certification when purchasing any diamonds and be sure to compare what secondary colours you can afford.