15 Excel Keyboard Shortcuts That Will Actually Make Your Life Better

15 Excel Keyboard Shortcuts That Will Actually Make Your Life Better

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If you are a computer user, then you must have came across spreadsheets. More commonly known as excel sheets. I have been using excel / word from more than a decade now and there are certain excel keyboard shortcuts that I can’t live without.

In this selection of keyboard shortcuts, I have only picked shortcuts that I use frequently and may be you haven’t heard about them yet, In my opinion, using a keyboard shortcut make your life much easier and better with any software you are working with, they give you a type of satisfaction and a sense of productivity.

Use them and tell us which one did you find as a time saver.

CTRL+SHIFT+L (Turn On/Off Filter)

CTRL+F1 (Expand or collapse ribbon)

Ctrl+Z and Ctrl+Y (Undo and Redo)

CTRL+Arrow keys (Navigate around the workbook)

CTRL+ALT+V (Display the Paste Special dialog box)

ALT+H-F-D-G (Home, Find, GoTo)

ALT+ES  (Paste Special > Values)

CTRL+SHIFT+L (Toggle Autofilter)

F4 – Change cell reference style while editing formulas

Ctrl+Shift+drag (Drag and insert copy)

F2 – Edit a cell

Ctrl+Shift+* (Select current region around active cell)

CTRL+K (Add Hyperlink)

Ctrl+Shift+: (Insert current time)

CTRL+T  (Insert Table)

Send us your favorite excel keyboard shortcuts and we will add it in this list, so that other visitors can also make use of your valuable tip.

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