Everything you should know about: package lockers


Package lockers may not have been very common ten years ago, but the NYC Postal Service has recently begun to demand grouped mailboxes for all new home developments. With that in mind, package lockers have become a necessary addition to community postal distribution centers. The USPS and other private organizations seek to speed up deliveries and reduce costs.

However, many residents, real estate managers, and business owners may wonder, “What is a package locker? A secure, lockable storage box that mail carriers and clerks can unload and later pick up by residents and shoppers.

Some group mailboxes already have a package locker installed, but others can be placed next to or below the mailbox for easy access. Small businesses and apartments may require one or two package lockers, while busy apartments may have multiple large compartments with multiple package lockers in each unit. If you want Package Receiving service NYC at a temporary address then storage lockers are a good option.

Regardless of the size or design of the package locker, both USPS postal services and delivery drivers from other shipping companies can deliver packages efficiently without attempting courier or multiple deliveries.

What is an Electric Package Locker?

More and more consumers are shopping online for everything from furniture and home decor to clothing and groceries. Both USPS and private shippers have turned to automatic or electric package lockers to keep up with customer demands and preferences.

Package locker service is the best option for those who has no permanent address. Depending on the package locker service you are using, developers and property managers can modify the locker to suit the style and aesthetics of their neighbourhood.

How does the package locker work?

Both traditional and electric package lockers work the same, but there are some important exceptions for users. Although of the type of locker in question, the method follows three basic steps.

1. Delivery

A USPS employee or other package delivery person opens the compartment using a unique master code or key given by the business manager. Then place the package in the package locker unit. Deliver The mail carrier selects the recipient.

2. Notification

Package locker service sends automatic notifications to recipients via email, text message, or app. The notification contains a code that can only be used to open the package locker and retrieve the package.

On the other hand, when a USPS mail carrier delivers to a traditional package locker, it leaves a numbered key in the mailbox assigned to the recipient. The number matches the box on the package, allowing the recipient to find the package.

3. Collection

After receiving the access code or the unit key, the recipient searches for the package locker. If your package locker is electronic and mobile access is allowed, you can open the locker by entering your PIN or scanning your mobile phone barcode. Otherwise, use the key to unlock the unit and get the package.

Reasons to use a package locker.

While efficiency and accessibility make package lockers an attractive option for postal workers and local shipping companies, many may be worried about the courier transition. However, lockers offer homeowners, buyers, employees, and business owners some important benefits, including:


New dwellings, dwellings, and nearby residents may already be enjoying a community that is regularly policed. Unfortunately, mail theft is a common problem, even in busy areas.

Package lockers virtually eliminate the risk of mail theft with enhanced security measures and rugged locks. The compartment is automatically locked after delivery. You will then receive a unique code, access card, or key to unlock the compartment. Your neighbours also have no chance of accidentally picking up your package, reducing the hassle of tracking personal and expensive items.

Package Receiving service NYC provide sufficient security if you are new to the city. In addition, many package locker locations perform video monitoring technology. Property managers, customer service professionals, or even security can view video surveillance to give customers secure access to their compartments day or night.

Time and certainty

Package lockers save many times for mail workers, real estate managers and receivers. Centralized delivery options allow senders and postal workers to distribute packages in one stop, and flexible services give recipients 24/7 access to deliveries. In addition, recipients can be confident that their packages are waiting for them.


Finally, installing a package locker on your property or business will reduce the cost of both the post office and your business staff. Your property management staff or reception team can spend hours on important tasks and hours sorting and managing deliveries.

The USPS has also identified package lockers and CBUs to reduce delivery costs. As a result, it has become mandatory to install centralized delivery options in development and condominiums nationwide.

What to look for a package locker

Choosing a package delivery locker for your business, community, or property can be difficult. In addition to traditional and electronic lockers, self-managed facilities or full-service packaged locker services can overwhelm all options. Fortunately, you can refine your search and focus on four main areas:

Famous companies

Choosing a reputable package locker service can turn a nightmare delivery into a convenient pick-up. However, not all companies are created equally, and not all companies place the same emphasis on customer service, security measures, or accurate delivery.

Do a quick search to compare the reputation of package locker services in your area. In general, if major shipping companies such as Amazon and UPS trust one of the options, you can take advantage of reliable services.

Security solution

As email theft rates continue to rise, mailbox locking has become a necessary addition to the delivery process. Without a strong lock, the package can fall into the hands of a “pirate package.”

In response to a mail theft pandemic, all compartments are automatically locked when closed. When the door closes, only the recipient and mail carrier have access to the compartment.

Package lockers are one of those unsung heroes in the post office. Keep your packaging safe and eliminate the liability of third parties. Useful for recipients, you can also save your team money and time by keeping everything running smoothly and efficiently.