Everything you need to know about Cyber Security: Why your business is at risk of Cyber Attacks?

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Cybersecurity can be classified as the protection of mobile devices, electronic networks, and computer systems from various malicious attacks. The prevention of confidential information saved on online servers from being leaked is also defined as cybersecurity. This information includes your account details, credit card information, and other information that should be kept confidential.

 In today’s time, when a lot of trading is done online, and confidential information is stored on servers, AI Cybersecurity is an essential need. Artificial Intelligence cybersecurity is a terrific and advanced tool that helps organizations eliminate all the threats to their servers and protect their information from malicious attacks.

 Types of Cyber Security Threats

There isn’t just one way to crack into your confidential information. Hackers are equipped with an entire toolbox of tricks that they use to hack into systems and servers. Some of the common ones are explained down below:

  • Password Attack

This is one of the most common ones and even allows amateurs to hack their way into your accounts. They just guess the possible passwords, and if they are lucky enough, they crack their way in.

  • Malware

Spyware, viruses, and worms are all classified under the heading of malware. Malware is usually delivered or transferred via downloads or emails from unprotected and suspicious websites.

  • Man-in-the-middle attack

In order to initiate the man-in-the-middle attack, hackers start two-way communication. Once this communication is started, they have the liberty to start stealing data.

  • Phishing attacks

This is yet another prevalent technique used by many hackers and resembles the malware attack. In this technique, hackers get people to share their confidential information by sending them email/text messages from fake accounts.

 However, with the help of mitre Att&ck Framework , these cyberattacks could easily be tackled and eliminated completely. These frameworks have all the important information related to cyberattacks which assist the organization to take the right safety measures and train the employees.

Why do hackers target businesses and individuals?

Individuals face a constant risk of getting their identity stolen, which can later be sold by these hackers for profits. The personal and professional lives of individuals will also be harmed if their private information is hacked and then leaked. Businesses tend to attract more hackers as the data acquired from hacking into an employee’s data could be sold on the dark web. Other than that, hacking into financial institutions is a jackpot for all hackers. Hackers are not just limited to large corporations, and they tend to target smaller corporations as well.

All In All:

Technical advancements in the cybersecurity sector have led to the creation of the Mitre Att&ck Framework. This framework has solved the problems to a great extent and has made the world a safer place.