Everything You Need To Know About Hard Disk Recovery

Hard disk recovery is all about getting your data back, but before we get to understand how it is done, let’s look into various jargons and few insights on Data recovery. In India data recovery has started growing at a speed of knots, and it’s always good to have knowledge about your computers heart and brain.

Hard Disk Failure:

A Hard Disk Recovery is needed when the hard disk is inaccessible to user. This occurs due to hard disk failure as it malfunctions and the data you have saved on it cannot be accessed. Various factors may cause this issue of disk failure, and the factors can be internal or external.

Causes of Hard disk failure

First of I want to tell users that a hard disk is not made for a lifetime, it does have a lifespan which is close to four to five year. Still everything depends on usage, how much you are using it on a regular basis.

Also, it’s a delicate hardware and handling it properly can make its life longer.

There are two main types of hard drive failure:

1. Logical Failure – This happens when your Computer’s BIOS is able to detect or see the hard drive, but it cannot be accessed. The problem can be in the mounting of the hard drive, and your operating system will report about no drives is present.

Software corruption is another logical failure which may happen while you are booting your system. This type of corruption will give you a blue screen of death in between, and it’s almost a no hope situation.

In logical failure, you will not be able to detect much as all the electronic components, and mechanical components seem to work properly. Defective media or bad platter can be another source of logical failures.

The extreme case of spinning hard drive and no recognition by BIOS can be a major setback, and this is where hard drive recovery services can help you, they can make your hard drive work again, if it’s repairable or they can transfer your data safely to a new hard disk or any other storage disk.

2. Physical Failures happens when your electronic and mechanical components are not functioning properly.

No recognition of hard drive from BIOS and the operating system and you may hear some grilling noises and repetitive clicking sound. If you hear any weird sounds like that then power off your computer immediately and send it to a recovery service.

The noises you are getting are an indication of crashing of the head. This type of damage may result in permanent loss of data.

The best way to recover from this situation is by replacing the component that’s damaged or move your platters to another hard drive which can get your data back. This process is delicate, and it needs a professional touch, as the spotless and clear environment is necessary to work with the hard drive moving components.

Other reasons of a hard disk failure can be malfunctioning of major components like Platters, Head Actuators, and Spindle Motor. All of these can take your hard drive down, and they malfunction due to some reasons like power surges, electronic failure, physical shock, corrosion, wear and tear, sharp impact, voltage fluctuation, high-temperature exposure, etc.

As the speed is need of the hour, these hard disk failures are actually raising to new levels. The high-speed rotation of spindle builds the centrifugal force and a single adverse cause when the normal operation is going on can cause the failure of your hard disk.


Symptoms of hard disk Failure

Hard Drive is not recognized by your BIOS – this symptom will make any user panic, and I must tell you that it’s not a dangerous place to enter. You may restart your computer again and again, and there might be an instance that you get your booting right, but this is a huge sign of hard drive failure or it’s about to fail.

Hard Drive Noises – This is another type of symptom which you should not ignore. If you hard drives makes some unusual noise, just switch your computer off and rush to a hard drive recovery provider.

Strange Crashes – A sudden slowness of your system and unusual crashing of the system is another common symptom that you should not ignore at all.

Firmware Corruption – This is another symptom of hard drive failure which can interrupt your normal function and you may get cryptic error messages.

Files start disappearing – Disappearing of the folder and several files is a symptom which is not what one is expecting, but hard drive failure may occur while you don’t expect such thing to happen.

Long waits – While you are working on your system and you have to wait for long times to access a file or folder, this is another symptom that you should not ignore.

There are few very common errors are frequent blue screen and data loss. Also, you may see few disk errors which you can try solving by running a Windows scanning tool. You can also try low-level formatting if you have any other spare hard disk you can transfer data from the first hard drive and transfer it to the second one.

All of the above symptoms require an expert review from hard drive recovery services.

What is Hard Disk Recovery?

Hard disk recovery is a process to recover your data from the damaged hard disk device when all kind of normal procedure doesn’t work.

How to recover data from failed hard disk?

There are many ways and techniques that data can be retrieved from a damaged disk. As it can be done by moving your damaged hard disk to another CPU or may be it require a total opening of the disk drive and replacing primary or minor components like read/write heads, removing of platters and placing it in a new drive or may be changing arms and chips, etc.

All kind of physical damages requires an expert and general users should avoid even trying to repair it. Moreover, you also need dust free labs and an environment where your disk should get proper care.

Technical expertise, proper tools, microscopic observation and much more is needed to take out your data safely. In India, you can now find good hard disk recovery services and many of them are secure and satisfying.

Leading Data Recovery Service Provider

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In the end, I would ask you If you have encountered such problems with hard disk and what did you do to get your data back. I hope this article will give you a sense of what hard drive failures and recovery are all about. Please comment below to tell your view on the topic.