5 Essentials For Your Fall Weekend At The Cottage


Headed up to the cottage this fall? Donít forget to pack warm clothes, rain gear, and everything you need to pull off a great-tasting meal. Thereís something special about a weekend by a lake in the woods when the boats have been put away and everything is quiet. Hereís a checklist of how to make sure your weekend getaway is a blast.

#1 Sweaters

Living in the city, you get used to warm fall evenings, especially earlier in the season. Concrete tends to absorb all the warmth from the sunshine all day and lets it out when things cool off at night. That means the nights (and days) are considerably warmer in town. When youíre staying at a cottage by the lake, the nights will get significantly cooler than youíre used to even if the days are pleasant and sunny. Bring lots of sweaters, fall jackets, even scarves, hats, and gloves.


#2 Thermal Socks

A few pairs of thermal socks will keep you warm and comfortable whatever the weather is like on your fall cottage getaway. Whether you plan on hiking, canoeing, or just hanging out by the fire, thermal socks help control the temperature of your feet.

If youíre looking for the warmest pair of thermal socks available, check out Heatholders.com and stay warm. They have thermal socks with varying degrees of warmth, including lite and ultra lite. Their original thermal socks are 7X warmer than basic cotton socks, but if thatís too much for you, you can always go lighter. Using a unique, patented long loop with acrylic yarn, Heat Holders has created a warmer thermal sock thatís worth checking out.

#3 Rain Gear

A rainy day shouldnít make your weekend cottage getaway a wash. There are only so many board games you can play or old movies you can watch. With serious rain gear, you can still get out and explore, hop in the boat and take a ride into the marina for snacks, or just operate the barbecue.

#4 Your Favorite Herbs & Spices

Donít get caught empty-handed when dinner time comes around. If youíre renting a cottage, youíre going to want to stock up on packets of the herbs and spices you always turn to when youíre making dinner. If youíre planning on firing up the barbecue, donít forget herbs like rosemary, thyme, and chives that bring grilled meats to the next level.

#5 Bug Spray

Bugs abound, even in the autumn. Biting insects have different seasons when they can become impossible to deal with, and while you may escape the worst of blackflies and horseflies, mosquitoes are active until you start waking up to frost. Also be aware that thereís a growing tick presence in North America. Bug spray wonít help ward off ticks, who are desperate to latch onto a host as the weather cools down. Wear full-length sleeves and pants (and pull up your socks) when you journey out into the woods and check your pets for ticks if youíre bringing them up to the cottage with you. Ticks are carriers of Lyme disease, which can be a life-changing illness in people.

This fall enjoy the changing leaves and the tranquility of life by the lake. Come to the cottage prepared and youíre all set for a great weekend.